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Antiquemooses t1_ja13a9b wrote

What if aliens can see all the bugs on our skin and that's why they don't contact us, because they think we're super gross?


ScaryCryptographer7 t1_ja15pmd wrote

What if the bugs on our skin are the aliens?


Antiquemooses t1_ja17yw4 wrote

they've been having orgies on us this whole time


Fazed-and_Confused t1_ja1mqyc wrote

Imagine the kind of jack-asses that would have never ending orgies all over your face, but not show even a shred of decency and invite you to participate.


Whitestride t1_ja13w75 wrote

If they'd be grossed out, and they're of the highly intelligent kind, they will also be intrigued and want to look further into the purpose.


Antiquemooses t1_ja14gln wrote

or is that just your stupid bug covered monkey brained idea of what a highly intelligent kind of being would do? what if they're huge perverts? you don't know


Whitestride t1_ja14wgj wrote

If they are scientific in any sense, they wanna catalog everything, know everything, even if it grosses em out. Both opinions are a potential though.


Antiquemooses t1_ja15893 wrote

what if thoughts can be like viruses? and we must protect ourselves from them?


Whitestride t1_ja15oqh wrote

Kinda already the case with mental illness haha. For some anywho.

Imagine a higher being fixing that problem quickly, oh these neuron pathways are all wrong, and done, then they ask some weird questions since they did something for you.


Fazed-and_Confused t1_ja1me1v wrote

Thank god we’re still comparing the mentally ill to viruses. I was afraid we’d been humanizing them too much.


Whitestride t1_ja1qusu wrote

I meannn haha, I was more saying on the part that we have to fight the thoughts themselves, and some people do have to. But thanks for the award hehe


Orangecuppa t1_ja24te7 wrote

We have humans who have super disgusting kinks. I'm sure there are aliens with crazy kinks out there too.


monkeypox_69 t1_ja26355 wrote

Apparently cats can see spots on humans we can't normally see and they like us ok. It's probably the selfie/TikTok videos.