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Asha_Brea t1_j9p6soz wrote

And when you have a eyeleash stuck in your eye you will see the quantum realm.


FlippantMan t1_j9rvloe wrote

Maybe if you blink more than two times in a row then it doesn't trigger it?


samfreez t1_j9p6xpt wrote

Can you imagine the havoc that'd create if someone got something in their eye while driving, or anything like that? lol

Even just walking along... I'd imagine quite a few people would get dizzy AF if they happened to trigger it.

That said, it'd be pretty epic to have something like these for watching sports and concerts and stuff..


jamjam1090 OP t1_j9p8p3f wrote

Yea there would have to be some sort of guideline for using it, I’m guessing the blinks would have to be pretty hard to trigger it. Reading came to mind for me as well, especially for an older crowd.


MetaLizard t1_j9qsfjk wrote

I think it should be more than two in a row personally. But if you won't constantly be using it, like for reading, only having one eye's contact be zoomable would prevent an error completely fucking up your sight.


Maenethal t1_j9tcpa4 wrote

Just change the design so it activates when you do the hand binocular thing.


NewCanadianMTurker t1_j9p7b7s wrote

This seems unnecessary. Just do what I do and always carry around a pair of binoculars with you (and ignore the funny looks people will give you).


jamjam1090 OP t1_j9p8u6u wrote

Gonna tag you as safari guy now


bobcat7781 t1_j9q5jdh wrote

Nah. Bird watcher.

Like George McFly.


jamjam1090 OP t1_j9q5ljy wrote

Every bird watching sesh is a safari in my eyes


bobcat7781 t1_j9q8l8d wrote

Let's go birdin' now
Everybody's learning how
Come on and safari with me
(Come on and safari with)

Early in the morning we'll be startin' out
Some honeys will be coming along
We're loading up our woody
With our bins inside
And headin' out singing our song

Come on birdin' baby wait and see
Yes I'm gonna take you birdin' with me
Come along birdin' baby wait and see 
Yes I'm gonna take you birdin' with me



educofu t1_j9q4zyr wrote

Bad article.

"The lens created was able to change its focal length depending on the signals generated." That's all, the rest is AI generated bullshit and ads.

Found this bit from elsewhere:

"The lens is made from polymers that expand when electric current is applied. It is controlled using five electrodes surrounding the eye which act like muscles. When the polymer becomes more convex the lens effectively zooms in"


BubbaYoshi117 t1_j9pj17b wrote

Her: "Why are you blinking so much?"

Him: "Oh, no reason."


Ahelex t1_j9rlk0y wrote

Isn't that kind of what happened in one of the Mission Impossible films, except instead of zooming in, it's taking pictures every time the main character blinks twice?


OpulentOwl t1_j9pptzn wrote

As a 25+ year contact wearer this sounds like a nightmare.


bolanrox t1_j9pqmw6 wrote

yeah i dont want to get into double blinking.. or long blink to return


dkarlovi t1_j9r3rmg wrote

Blink now to find out more.


LtDanMrWhite t1_j9srj4o wrote

Your baseline of free blinks is used up. If you wish to blink again, join our monthly subscription.


Ratox t1_j9q1t0b wrote

How about if you'd have to pinch your contacts to zoom in and out?


VeryJoyfulHeart59 t1_j9tryf1 wrote

I think that's sort of what you're doing, except using eye muscles instead of fingers.


TheCoolDean t1_j9ps0ch wrote

:O I stopped using it only after two years because of dry eye syndrome!

Edit : wow, why are there so many downvotes, I was just surprised and so I shared my experience..


RodamusLong t1_j9pn6n8 wrote

I can't believe no one has come up with digital glasses that auto focus and zoom in and stuff.

Need this to take the place of regular prescription glasses. Tired of spending so much on them all the time.


issawildworld t1_j9u1kib wrote

No one has come up with it, or no one has come up with it? 🤔


GriffinFlash t1_j9qxqgq wrote

Me blinking constantly due to eye irritation and constantly zooming in and out making the world spin around me.


KamiKaze016 t1_j9qaute wrote

I am waiting for the screenshot version of the lense


scw156 t1_j9rhkyp wrote

If you get some sand in your eye you’ll see the far reaches of the galaxy


Hindulaatti t1_j9t2ssm wrote

> Incredibly, the lens works regardless of whether the user can see or not.

is like saying

> Incredibly, blind person can push the buttons on a tv remote even though he can't see what's on


Subbutton t1_j9p8ag2 wrote

I am assuming it's for close up and not far away because that would be impossible. Sorry to crush your guy's dreams


jamjam1090 OP t1_j9p93lu wrote

Either way, expanding the realm of human vision is definitely a cool endeavor.


bolanrox t1_j9pqkpb wrote




dvdmaven t1_j9pt7e9 wrote

The number of times I have wished for these when some town decided to save money by making street signs smaller or only on one corner of an intersection.


opking t1_j9rcpvk wrote

Hmmm, I wonder what improvements have been made in the 4 years since the article was written.


shorethings t1_j9s7rvt wrote

I would be blinking all day. blink blink. That’s me. Blink. Blink blink. Blinking and thinking about blinking.


TherianRose t1_j9t45oj wrote

I'm one of those people who double-blinks when I'm stressed or confused. This would definitely make me more aware of the habit!


bobcat7781 t1_j9q5qyl wrote

And it costs a lot less than six million dollars.


xKaliMeadows t1_j9r3rs8 wrote

All the times I have double tapped on objects to zoom in… I could just be double blinking?!


momolamomo t1_j9riy4i wrote

Until it bugs out and switches between zoom and static forcing you to take them out


Dubanx t1_j9s6s7w wrote

Even if it works as intended, you're probably going to blink twice on occasion. Imagine driving and accidently blinking twice.


Gerrut_batsbak t1_j9srfg0 wrote

"shit there is something in my eyes"

Furiously zooming in and out


hornetfork56 t1_j9t3fp2 wrote

Blink twice to enhance boobies


Sai-Cone t1_j9t797a wrote

Ah yes, Optifine


YakitoCSGO t1_j9tyova wrote

So basically optifine is becoming an irl thing now


MangoRegular5858 t1_j9pkq31 wrote

Great, does it damage your eye with time?


grimmglow t1_j9q6goa wrote

Wife out in public - ''Stop blinking!''


Landlubber77 t1_j9pgeh6 wrote

In Japan they had to make a mandatory camera shutter sound accompany the blink because of so many people trying to get upskirt shots on the subway.


Trieditwonce t1_j9q5ka2 wrote

Gotsta make da ones dat kin see bahind yoo for allada peeps aworkin & aplayin in D.C.