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_PM_ME_YOUR_FORESKIN t1_j86vt9n wrote

Did the restaurant continue to honor this though?


epochpenors t1_j871xda wrote

There was a pizza place near me that offered free slices for life if you got their logo visibly tattooed on yourself. People did it, then it immediately went out of business.


DapprDanMan t1_j87e6k7 wrote

Maybe the pizza place was just a front for the tattoo parlor


Darkkingswrath t1_j87z8w5 wrote

Domino’s in Russia did a similar thing. Get the logo tattooed and you'd get 100 pizzas a year for 100 years.


GrandmaPoses t1_j88tg8k wrote

Which led directly to the invasion of Ukraine for their strategic mozzarella reserves.


420everytime t1_j87yt82 wrote

Was it unlimited slices per visit for life or like one slice a week for life with the purchase of a drink


Mysticpoisen t1_j89lb78 wrote

I miss the old "eat this XXXL pizza and get 50% off pizza for life" promotions.


NoBigDill88 t1_j8c59wg wrote

I don't know why businesses do stupid promos like this, if I saw someone with a tattoo of a restaurant, I'd think the place was a trashy spot for crackheads.


Future_Green_7222 t1_j87ggnp wrote

The article says that it was a 2-day promotion. So I’m pretty sure they did, for those two days