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freeski919 t1_j949hjn wrote

Let me guess... The news that Jimmy Carter's death is imminent got you curious about the remaining former presidents.

I say that because I did the EXACT same thing earlier today and realized the EXACT same thing!


wizeowlintp OP t1_j96q54z wrote

i knew about Clinton and Trump before, but I didn't know that Bush was born the same year until after I looked it up yesterday after hearing the news. Also interestingly enough, the order they were born in is the reverse order of their presidential terms, and this is the second time that four presidents were born in the same decade!


soonerpgh t1_j94pp91 wrote

I'm not young, but I'm a lot younger than most of the politicians these days. I do not understand how we have allowed this to become the norm. We all know old people don't like or want anything to change. We also know that we need a LOT of change. Why do we keep voting in the Rest-Home Crew?


LBobRife t1_j94swhy wrote

Obama was elected quite young. Clinton too. Bush was elected at a relatively normal age. It's just the last two that have been exceedingly old.


soonerpgh t1_j94tkfi wrote

I'll m not just referring to Presidents. Look at our Congress... we have very few of them under 60 and many of them over 70.


LBobRife t1_j94uh3k wrote

The house actually got younger with the most recent election. It tends to go in waves. It takes a while to get enough credibility to get elected Senator, which is why the median age is 59. I wouldn't say that is a ridiculous age. There are of course outliers that should retire, but on the whole Congress isn't all extremely elderly.


[deleted] t1_j94uinq wrote

It's because young people don't vote, particularly in congressional, state and local elections. Local positions are way more powerful than people realize.


dbeman t1_j95gnao wrote

Case in point…we had a tie in our ward for state senate in November and the runoff is this coming week. There is an obscene amount of money being spent on this election because control of the state senate is at stake.


LBobRife t1_j94slid wrote

That's what happens when Clinton was elected fairly young, Bush was elected relatively normal aged for a president, and Trump was elected as a geriatric. FWIW Biden is older than all of them.


wizeowlintp OP t1_j96ob5r wrote

by 4 years, but definitely the timing of their terms gives a different perspective for sure. I agree, it seems way more drastic bc they were all at completely different stages during their respective terms.


HPmoni t1_j94h63s wrote

Young people don't want to be President. They want to be Zuckerberg.


wizeowlintp OP t1_j94ju8l wrote

This is not a post about why people want to be Pres. at certain ages, this is a TIL about 1946??????