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creggieb t1_j9pldhp wrote

"Because nobody told me" isn't a good reason for such ignorance.

Credulance as a default isn't banished by school. In fact they kind want that you believe ebeeything that school says is true, and work towards understanding your error if you disagree.

Very few teachers actually cause rational thought. Mostly the system tells you what rational thought is and grades on how well you repeat that back to them


Zandrick t1_j9pmc4s wrote

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. “Because nobody told me” is the actual definition of ignorance.

I do agree though, that critical thinking is more important than wrote memorization.


creggieb t1_j9qveep wrote

Yes, critical thinking is what isn't taught.

"Because nobody told me" is also the definition of willfull ignorance. If we say

"because i chose not to inform myself, relying on others to fulfill this responsibility for me"

The idea becomes more clear.


Zandrick t1_j9r01tb wrote

Those are two very different statements.

“Nobody told me” implies withheld information, like a secret.

“Choose not to inform myself” is a failure of personal responsibility, sure.

But either way, you are talking about ignorance, both things are ignorance. If someone withholds secret information from you, you are ignorant of that information.