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Zandrick t1_j9pmc4s wrote

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. “Because nobody told me” is the actual definition of ignorance.

I do agree though, that critical thinking is more important than wrote memorization.


creggieb t1_j9qveep wrote

Yes, critical thinking is what isn't taught.

"Because nobody told me" is also the definition of willfull ignorance. If we say

"because i chose not to inform myself, relying on others to fulfill this responsibility for me"

The idea becomes more clear.


Zandrick t1_j9r01tb wrote

Those are two very different statements.

“Nobody told me” implies withheld information, like a secret.

“Choose not to inform myself” is a failure of personal responsibility, sure.

But either way, you are talking about ignorance, both things are ignorance. If someone withholds secret information from you, you are ignorant of that information.