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passporttohell t1_j9gyf9c wrote

They are also the unhealthiest of big cat species, it should really be illegal to create them. Simply something that should not exist and clearly lead very difficult and uncomfortable lives because of their being bred this way.


fanghornegghorn t1_j9ip0k4 wrote

Why are they uncomfortable?


passporttohell t1_j9iqscj wrote

Well, now is a good time to read up on the health problems ligers have... Richard Feynman's father used to take him for walks in Central Park. Dick used to ask him what the animals and birds were. His father asked him to observe them and tell his father what he saw. Dick developed a healthy curiosity that developed into a career in physics and involvement with the Manhatten Project. Research and learn, don't just go for the easy answer.


lysinemagic t1_j9izlwv wrote

Y'know, when you throw a claim out into the ether and someone asks for more information and clarification, give an actual answer. That is, if you were genuinely interested in spreading knowledge versus trying to score internet point.


ComfyBlanketeer t1_j9iuwa2 wrote

You could just say google it, but you love to hear yourself talk lol


lionofash t1_j9j1epz wrote

While very unlikely, they could occur naturally. I don't think the phrase should not exist is best to be used here.


passporttohell t1_j9kgdni wrote

On what continent do tigers and lions exist side by side? Just asking the important question here. . .


Picolete t1_j9l5vbq wrote

They used to exist side by side, but most of the Asian lions are extinct