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monkelus t1_j9ewspt wrote

Don't forget they're bred for their skills in magic; I know cuz they're pretty much my favourite animal


10_Eyes_8_Truths t1_j9eza84 wrote

I'm going to take a stab at this and guess this is from Napoleon Dynamite?


BiggsBounds t1_j9ezw08 wrote

? The liger is his favorite animal but this has nothing to do with the movie.


Elmodipus t1_j9fd81b wrote

Besides being a direct quote from the movie?


Odeeum t1_j9fkeof wrote

I would have bet my house and children this was the first comment...because it's what I came here to do. Well played.


oced2001 t1_j9fiy5z wrote

Did the local wizards use their magic to keep Nessie safe from the Japanese scientists?


monkelus t1_j9fv8fs wrote

Not only Nessie, but all those who seek for the peaceful existence of our underwater ally.


Mookhaz t1_j9gimhf wrote

Second napoleon dynamite reference I’ve seen and it is only 11:59 am


Biovyn t1_j9g8a5e wrote

The Napoleon Dynamite cartoon deserves so much more love. It's absolutely hilarious.


legoshi_loyalty t1_j9p8p6d wrote

"Back in '82, I could throw a pigskin a quarter mile."

"Are you serious?"

"Dead Serious."


OllieFromCairo t1_j9ffdip wrote

That headline is a little vague.

Cats inherit a size-limiting gene from each parent, but the one from the father is ALWAYS shut down. Cats' size is limited by the gene they inherit from their mother. Female tigers have this growth-limiting gene. The issue is that the tiger growth-limiting gene does not send signals that get received in Ligers, so the gene doesn't work.


HobgoblinKhanate1 t1_j9iupob wrote

I once read big cats over the past millions of years go extinct because they get too big, need more food, then struggle to adapt to ecological changes. I wonder if lions are more successful because of this gene and the reason for it to stick around


Infamous-Bison-7044 t1_j9fkxe1 wrote

And the kind of Zoid you don’t want to mess with.


QUEFUERTE t1_j9fnvgr wrote

The name's Bit Cloud!


Zjoee t1_j9iejd4 wrote

My favorite Zoid series. I have all the episodes downloaded because they're so hard to find haha.


AdNormal5424 t1_j9ho4rp wrote

Im the type that would say here kitty kitty and throw it an entire rump steak


HealthyMaintenance49 t1_j9f0dye wrote

Let's not forget Tigons exist too


Big_Red_Stapler t1_j9fnkrz wrote

The mighty king of the jungle, meets with the agile king of the city .

Stalking in the shadows of the city, ever ready to peck up any bread crumb on the walkway.



Are they sterile? If not, you should cross one back with a lion and work on a huge super cat.


cnhn t1_j9fjp2a wrote

despite the repeated assertions that they are sterile, the answer is more complex.

the male hybrid offspring ligers are generally sterile the female ligers are fertile.

so for example a tiliger is the offspring of a male tiger and a female liger.

it seems most of the great cats have some limited interbreeding, so tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards, and snow leopards.


Taleya t1_j9gt3gg wrote

Iirc cheetahs bottlenecked so hard at some point their diversity is terrifyingly small.


Lasarte34 t1_j9h2vcl wrote

Ah, just like humans.


Taleya t1_j9h45xg wrote

Worse. They can pretty much take an organ donation from any other cheetah worldwide with no rejection or special considerations


Dirtroads2 t1_j9ichxb wrote

That sounds amazing at first, but then the turntables turn


Remnants t1_j9g107h wrote

Is a male tiliger sterile? Would it be possible to breed a stable crossbreed through selective breeding that produces non-sterile males?


cnhn t1_j9g2l0g wrote

if I recall male sterility isn't 100% but I haven't looked at any of the information in a long time.


DuckonaWaffle t1_j9gyn5v wrote

This sounds like the mad scientist idea from a B horror / apocalypse film.


Full_Temperature_920 t1_j9h9uud wrote

This sounds like some human transmutation shit. Y'all gone fuck around and break the law of equivalent exchange


Zvenigora t1_j9gsq0m wrote

Unsure about ligers, but some female tygons (reverse parentage from ligers) have in fact been fertile.


[deleted] t1_j9f80qn wrote



InfiniteMothman t1_j9fbi54 wrote

Not always. Though near enough to 100% that it counts as such I suppose.


cnhn t1_j9fkfvf wrote

not for panthera.

the male ligers are sterile, the females are fertile


InfiniteMothman t1_j9hc3gl wrote

Like most of biology. An exception for e very rule. Life, uh, finds a way.


OllieFromCairo t1_j9fgq0o wrote

Not true. Sometimes the hybrids do just fine, like in the case of tilapia, or apple trees.

It can also be highly sex-dependent. For example, you can cross a domestic cattle bull with a bison cow, and the female offspring will generally be fertile, and the male offspring generally will not be.

However, those hybrid cows can reproduce with male bison, and now almost every bison herd in North America has some fraction of domestic cattle genes in it.

Yak bulls can produce fully fertile offspring of both sexes with Bison cows, but not the other way around.


FloweringSkull67 t1_j9ficvq wrote

Your example of Apple trees is wrong. Apple trees are spliced to get the strain you want. You could have two apple trees of the same type and the the offspring would be a completely different apple.


OllieFromCairo t1_j9fla9u wrote

You’re responding to something I didn’t say. I didn’t say anything about fruit variety propagation. Malus sylvestris crosses with M. sieversii, M. coronaria and a bunch of other species just fine, producing fecund offspring.

Whether you get a palatable apple from the cross is an unrelated question.


PoliticalMilkman t1_j9fd8gs wrote

No. Though that is an easy rule that works a lot of the time, it’s not a hard rule. Canids, for example, are very good at interspecies breeding and produce viable, non-sterile offspring.


FlebianGrubbleBite t1_j9fidm5 wrote

If that were true humans wouldn't exist. Most humans have DNA from Cross breeding with other species of human like Neanderthal and Denosovens


C-H-U-D t1_j9f5unq wrote

Interesting. Female lions bred with male tigers produce smaller ligons due to the growth inhibiting gene in the female that balances male lion growth maximizing genes.


passporttohell t1_j9gyf9c wrote

They are also the unhealthiest of big cat species, it should really be illegal to create them. Simply something that should not exist and clearly lead very difficult and uncomfortable lives because of their being bred this way.


fanghornegghorn t1_j9ip0k4 wrote

Why are they uncomfortable?


passporttohell t1_j9iqscj wrote

Well, now is a good time to read up on the health problems ligers have... Richard Feynman's father used to take him for walks in Central Park. Dick used to ask him what the animals and birds were. His father asked him to observe them and tell his father what he saw. Dick developed a healthy curiosity that developed into a career in physics and involvement with the Manhatten Project. Research and learn, don't just go for the easy answer.


lysinemagic t1_j9izlwv wrote

Y'know, when you throw a claim out into the ether and someone asks for more information and clarification, give an actual answer. That is, if you were genuinely interested in spreading knowledge versus trying to score internet point.


ComfyBlanketeer t1_j9iuwa2 wrote

You could just say google it, but you love to hear yourself talk lol


lionofash t1_j9j1epz wrote

While very unlikely, they could occur naturally. I don't think the phrase should not exist is best to be used here.


passporttohell t1_j9kgdni wrote

On what continent do tigers and lions exist side by side? Just asking the important question here. . .


Picolete t1_j9l5vbq wrote

They used to exist side by side, but most of the Asian lions are extinct


scotty-doesnt_know t1_j9fhp5h wrote

if im not mistaken most are developmentally disabled. basically mentally handicapped.


passporttohell t1_j9gyrp1 wrote

Also their hearts are smaller than normal, resulting in reduced life spans. Just a real shame animals like this are created.


LifeBuilder t1_j9f2i9l wrote

So the square-cube law is the limiter than?


ZedTT t1_j9fnq8p wrote

Not exactly. The square cube law makes larger life unviable and makes evolution naturally select against animals that are too big. In this case, though, evolution isn't really at play as these are artificially bred animals.

Evidently there is some square cube law wiggle room above the size of large cats, hence ligers don't drop dead from overheating or being unable to stand etc. They may be overall less suited to their environment, though.


Bloomberg12 t1_j9h1fs8 wrote

There's also other limiting factors in size too, to be fair. Cancer being one of them, with a lot more cells to undergo regeneration the chance that one "goes rogue" becomes much more likely, especially since life spans typically become longer when a longer growth period is needed.

That being said some animals have developed counter measures like elephants that makes them much lower risk.


ZedTT t1_j9ii5k7 wrote

Thanks - I was sure I wasn't being exhaustive.


fanghornegghorn t1_j9rp97u wrote

Elephants don't get cancer?


Bloomberg12 t1_j9s91b3 wrote

Very rarely, especially so for their size and life span.

They have 20 times the copies of a fairly common gene (P53) which targets cancer cells and this is seemingly pretty common for larger animals including blue whales but elephants specifically have another gene (LIF6) which is controlled by P53 and acts as another layer of defence. It's also a theory that it was a strong contributing factor as to why elephants got as big as they are because of the (extremely vague) timing.


Envenger t1_j9hbqeg wrote

Probably the natural aging and metabolism.

There have been far bigger predators so it's not a limit.


Sharchir t1_j9feaal wrote

That explains the size of the liger in the video from earlier - what a unit!


ItsNotBer t1_j9ff6n2 wrote

This post was just a comment on that video earlier.


MarvinLazer t1_j9gq3ks wrote

And the poor kitties get horrible health problems as a result. Breeding ligers is cruel.


passporttohell t1_j9gyxck wrote

Have to agree, doing something like this deliberately should be outlawed. These animals will never have anything like a normal and healthy life.


deethy t1_j9gzui5 wrote

Ligers make me sad. They can't move around much because of their size.


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_j9gocfe wrote

If they're largest big cat, then they're... the largest cat?


Seraph062 t1_j9grwq0 wrote

"Big cat" means members of the genus Panthera. Specifically: Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Jaguars, and Snow Leopards (and I guess for the purposes of this discussion mixes of those).


New_Designer5528 t1_j9hetkr wrote

To add to that a puma leopard hybrid tend to be dwarves...


monkeypox_69 t1_j9gew6x wrote

Legendary cat pokemon confirmed.


superjudgebunny t1_j9hgkrd wrote

There are reports of tigers that size. On an island that hunt buffalo. We’re talking lean mean fuckers, lions you do NOT want near.


Barlakopofai t1_j9gigcy wrote

These ligers look significantly less inbred than the ones I'd see when I was a kid.


Violated-Tristen t1_j9hm11e wrote

Me TOO! I’ve always wondered why the Ligers I have seen have all been SO big. WOW. Thanks.


nerdgirl37 t1_j9i9ac3 wrote

The big cat sanctuary near me has a liger, he's absolutely massive and a beautiful cat.


Matisaro t1_j9ichnu wrote

So they AREN'T bred for their skills in magic?


What a rip off.


Geomancer_1880 t1_j9jaoxi wrote

Dad why you hook up with tiger ?

Lion dad: she was BIG my boy


Bigdickdiarrhea t1_j9ksfwl wrote

It’s pretty much my favorite animal… GOSH