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OftheSorrowfulFace t1_j9rx1bu wrote

The point being that a feather wasn't 'macaroni', so it's basically saying 'this guy was so dumb he thought a feather he found on the floor was high fashion'.


UnimpressedWithAll t1_j9sgrvg wrote

Isn’t it just that eras version of “pretty fly for a white guy”


TWiesengrund t1_j9t0hre wrote

And all the dames say I'm pretty maccaroni for a war of independence guy!


PepeHacker t1_j9tajpa wrote

Give it to me Yankee uh huh uh huh Give it to me Yankee uh huh uh huh Give it to me Yankee uh huh uh huh And all the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy…


Thrilling1031 t1_j9trnvx wrote

Macaroni was from the rich dudes going to Italy and being super impressed by everything, especially pasta and MACARONI, wanting to be cool the wealthy from England appropriated the word as they do, and then used their silly word to make a silly song about the colonialist, who loved the song and made it their fuckin anthem. Full circle appropriation.


dotnetdotcom t1_j9tnyq8 wrote

"Doodle" meant something like goofy. It's also where "dude" came from. "Dandy" meant a poof or fancypants.