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mlqdscrvn t1_j71rggz wrote

Meanwhile I cannot mention half of my classmates' correctly. :/


88ryder88 t1_j71seqd wrote

My dad had two sons and a nephew. He couldn't get our names right. Half the time he called any one of us by all 3 names at the same time. "Hey, Chris-James-Carl, get me that widget over there."

He drank a lot in his early days, and smoked a lot of weed in his later days, so mix in some moderation, kids. That's one to grow on.


LoverlyRails t1_j71v5pu wrote

Never did drugs/used alcohol. Having kids just fucks up your brain. I constantly mix up my kids names. The cat's name.

My mother did the same thing. It's sad and funny at the same time.


[deleted] t1_j71w2oc wrote

When I was a kid, we had a elderly neighbor who had two border collies. One dog was sweet and happy and dumb, and the other was Serious Business and could retrieve any dog-portable object in her house, I swear, if she asked for it. Book? It knew to bring the book she was currently reading. We tried to stump it, a few times, but the dog knew a hand towel from a bath towel from a dish towel. Eerie.

Dog was a genius. Could operate doorknobs, turn lights on and off. Not a lap dog like the other one, though. I sometimes worried it was depressed and had caretaker syndrome. Intelligence is not necessarily your friend.


fergablu2 t1_j71zxpm wrote

I was impressed that my cat knew the word dinner.


bolanrox t1_j72f23f wrote

our Austrialian Cattle dog is like that.

He seems to know everything we are saying, Bed, walk, treat, ball, go to xxx person. Even as a puppy he would knock on the door to go out etc.

Insanely protective though which i guess isnt a bad thing.


dvdmaven t1_j72h4fq wrote

All of our mutts know their names and "Outside?".


NecrosisKoC t1_j72ii1s wrote

A good friend of mine has a border collie\corgi cross that has a bunch of little stuffed animal toys. She gives them each a different name and can put them in a big pile and that dog will get the exact toy she tells it to every time.

We have to treat it like a 5 year old and spell out certain words or it will know what we're talking about and start freaking out. Such as drive, ride, walk, bath, Vet, etc... It hears Vet, bath, or nails (knows it's getting a trim) and it crawls under her bed and it's damn near impossible to get her out.


bolanrox t1_j7306f6 wrote

some dogs are if not smarter than others, at least quicker to learn / pick up things and think on their own.

Like herding dogs have a task on the farm and htey do it with little to no human direction.


CygnusX-1-2112b t1_j73qebj wrote

It is a strange moment when they start doing something of their own volition that indicates higher intelligence. Recently, my GSD-Black Lab mix found a slice of pizza in our back yard, and brought it to our back door to wait for us.

I saw her sitting there with it in her mouth and said aloud "The fuck is that?" to my wife as I got up from the couch, and opened the door to get it from her. She trot past me before I could grab her by the collar to take it, went straight to the trash can in the kitchen, and dropped the slice right at the foot of it. I'd never seen anything like that from a dog, it was honestly kind of incredible. Never trained her to do anything like that, and she must've pieced together by her own reasoning and observation that "Old food goes in the all gone box."