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T3canolis t1_ja9l1hp wrote

The fact that blows my mind is that he has both been in a movie with Clark Gable and done voicework for over a dozen video games. The humility and work ethic required to have a career that long and varied is hard to comprehend, to be honest.


zjm555 t1_jaaifu6 wrote

Covetous Shen!


Still_counts_as_one t1_jaaqj53 wrote

Such a strange place this world is. You never know what you might find over the next rise, or what the next day might bring.


Nvi4 t1_jacckmr wrote

Go on, pick it up, pick it up!


robbodagreat t1_jacetc8 wrote

His voice work in Wayne's world 2 was what really blew me away


Kannabiz t1_jabt0bh wrote

The true meaning if love what you do


codyt321 t1_ja9n8wr wrote

93?? And he's able to pose on the ground AND get up afterwards? That's a lifetime achievement award if there ever was one.


BrandoCalrissian1995 t1_ja9sm7z wrote

Go check out his speech at the sags last night. Dude looks and sounds incredible for 93.


sanfran_girl t1_jaa32qf wrote

Seriously. I’m in my 50s and sometimes I can barely remember my own name some days, much less do such a fantastic speech! 🤷‍♀️I think I shall spend this weekend watching as much of his work as I can possibly find on every streaming service and my collection of DVDs.

(wow… I actually own a bunch of his work. Yeah me!)


Rasheed_Lollys t1_jabvcg4 wrote

He came out in Jimmy Kimmel the other night literally dancing around and was recalling details from 70 years ago. Incredible guy.


big_duo3674 t1_jack1qm wrote

It's like he hit 60-something and just stopped aging


propolizer t1_jaba87p wrote

He did amazing in EEAAO. Though he was in a wheel chair at times, I can’t believe he is that old.


NoButThanks t1_jae9oa6 wrote

I'd be wary of putting James Hong in a wheel chair again.


guarthots t1_jac9tlw wrote

My grandfather was like this. He looked 60 at 70, and 80 at 95. Starting around 96 his body started playing catch up though and when he died at 100 he looked 100.


EMPulseKC t1_jac4pcf wrote

Shit. I'm almost 50 and I hope to achieve that someday.


[deleted] t1_ja9inr9 wrote



AudibleNod t1_ja9jffo wrote

Daniel Dae Kim made it his personal mission to get James the star. Not just to recognize James Hong's long career, but to increase representation on the Walk of Fame.


vafrow t1_ja9npfq wrote

I think if his role in EEAAO was just a bit bigger, he likely would have gotten a push for an Oscar nomination. But with his costar being a lock for best supporting actor win alread, and Jamie Lee Curtis getting the support as veteran actor getting a long overdue nomination, it just wasn't in the cards. But, such a great move by the cast to give him centre stage at the SAG awards last night. That's still a heck of a capper to a long career. To be 94 and on stage in front of a room full of the most famous people in Hollywood and have everyone know you're the most interesting mfer in the room.


ann0yed t1_jac8gkq wrote

I'm not familiar with the nomination process but do you mean in a symbolic way? His performance wasn't Oscar worthy... I agree he's had a long career and probably hasn't been recognized, but really an Oscar nominations for that role?


vafrow t1_jacansn wrote

Oscar nominations are about the narrative of the actors in question as much as the performance. JLC in particular is a good example, where she was getting pushed ahead of Stephanie Hsu, who had the better performance in the film.

I agree that his performance wasn't quite enough, but it's also not far off. If it was a bit bigger, and he didn't have Ke Huy Quan as a costar who's considered the biggest lock this year to win, I'm saying it's feasible.

With so much of the Oscars being the campaigning and glad handling, I think just his personality alone could get him close.


Erick3211 t1_jabiqnk wrote

Didn’t he play the restaurant manager in that Seinfeld episode where they were waiting for a table the whole time?


BrandoCalrissian1995 t1_ja9shbj wrote

Cuz it's paid for. It's not actually a sign of prestige. Just cool.


N3rdProbl3ms t1_jaa6em9 wrote

Based off the frequently asked questions of the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

People can apply, or nominate a person who fits all 6 minimum requirements. It takes $250 to apply. The application is then reviewed by the HWF committee who meet once a year. They receive between 200-300 applications a year + the nominations. An average of 30 applications/nominations are chosen by the committee. The 30 "winners" are then notified and given 2 years to decide if they accept. If they accept, they must then pay $50K for the creation and installation of the star, the ceremony, and the life maintenance of the star.

A little bit of thought is given into choosing who makes it on the walk...but i think the real question many times has a celebrity applied, or was nominated, before they actually got their Star in? Is there a celeb who applied 5 times till they finally got it on the 6th? I wanna see some stats


RigasTelRuun t1_jaad0rc wrote

What a racket. 75k a year in nominations plus 50k per star. Bet more on licensing the name etc. A committee members probably gets paid more than I make in ten years for maybe a day sitting at a table per year.


barnacledoor t1_jaaqsrb wrote

looks like an average of 20 new stars per year. so, $1m in star fees are collected per year. i wonder how much the whole thing costs per star between the construction and all of the other stuff like media and such. the $75k, that's basically paying one or two people's salary to review those applications (depending on how much they are paid). the application fees seem reasonable, but the $50k per star seems a bit much. i wonder how much they have to pay for the permits and such. i could see the gov't making it expensive.


StrykrVII t1_jab2qdh wrote

And they also have to pay for someone to clean and maintain them, as well. So yeah, it's a little overpriced, but it's not like they are just pocketing ALL the money and bailing. There is more to it than just "pay the money and get a star".


Academic-Total2029 t1_ja9xltr wrote

Doesn’t take away from the notion he should have had one long ago, you know? Every generation starting with gen X has seen his movies


Blind-PieRat t1_jaa665g wrote

Uhh.. it's up to him if he wants to pay for it or not isn't it?

It looks like he decided he didn't want/need it, but someone else came along and paid for it for him .


Liv1ng_Static t1_jaaisib wrote

He's even more of a treasure of the industry for not caring about such a vain accoutrement to his legacy. Such a phenomenal and wonderful actor deserves all the praise he gets.


DrKurgan t1_ja9suod wrote

You have to apply and pay a fee to get one. You have to be a show business celebrity as well, but if you don't apply you're not getting one.


N3rdProbl3ms t1_jaa6hwt wrote

Based off the frequently asked questions of the Hollywood Walk of Fame:People can apply, or nominate a person who fits all 6 minimum requirements. It takes $250 to apply. The application is then reviewed by the HWF committee who meet once a year. They receive between 200-300 applications a year + the nominations. An average of 30 applications/nominations are chosen by the committee. The 30 "winners" are then notified and given 2 years to decide if they accept. If they accept, they must then pay $50K for the creation and installation of the star, the ceremony, and the life maintenance of the star.

I wonder how many times has a celebrity applied, or was nominated, before they actually got their Star approved? Is there a celeb who applied 5 times till they finally got it on the 6th? I wanna see some stats


liquidsyphon t1_ja9q6u7 wrote

Pretty sure you can buy your own if you want it done faster.


RigasTelRuun t1_jaacomd wrote

You don't "earn" a star. You buy it. There is a committee who approves or denies the bid. They cost 50k+.


vemenium t1_jabp2ks wrote

Studios often do it as marketing, as it costs $55,000 and requires a press conference, it just about always coincides with a push for awards, a chance to have a little, “hey hasn’t this person had a great career, why not vote for them and/or their current movie?”


CarlThe94Pathfinder t1_jaccabh wrote

It's not a real award and generally is assumed you can just openly purchase these and slap your name onto it. The entire thing is a sham


Hemingwavy t1_jacia1c wrote

You don't receive them. You just buy them after being notable enough. They cost tens of thousands of dollars and you have to pay thousands of dollars annually afterwards.


rapiertwit t1_ja9lah2 wrote

Goodbye, Mr. Burton.


Bunkhorse t1_ja9nbff wrote

It’s all in the reflexes.


Remivanputsch t1_ja9wnvy wrote



3-DMan t1_jaa61mu wrote

This pisses me off to no end!


Kale_and_Oatmilk t1_jaa84gg wrote

His best line in BTILC!


randomiser5000 t1_jaanjyp wrote

Shut up, Mr Burton. You were not brought upon this world to "get it".


JCue t1_jabkde3 wrote

Egg Shen is with them. Little bastard sorcerer has brought them through the Bog of the Dead Trees.


animeman59 t1_jab21jd wrote

Safe! Safer with me than any other creature on Earth.


T8rfudgees t1_ja9veeo wrote

I was instantly like damn it’s Lo-Pan!


elephantviagra t1_jaa9fmc wrote

Who? The basket case on wheels, or the 10ft tall roadblock?


DaoFerret t1_jabdg06 wrote

I’m gonna tell you about an accident, and I don’t want to hear “act of god”!


jpiro t1_jaa8j82 wrote

Same. Why can I remember that shit from the 80's, but I can't remember the name of the coworker I was introduced to two days ago, lol.


vonvoltage t1_jabo4kf wrote

Alzheimers mostly leaves old memories in tact.


UncleWeiner t1_jaacneb wrote

Have you paid your dues, Jack? Yessir, the check is in the mail.


gsomething t1_jaaems8 wrote

May the wings of liberty never lose a feather


proshot82 t1_ja9n9cw wrote

Cartwright! Cartwright!!!


MacduffFifesNo1Thane t1_jaa7tuz wrote

Who's Cartwright?


n3xus-7 OP t1_ja9jdos wrote

He gave a great acceptance speech at the SAG Awards last night for EEAAO winning 'Best Cast':


im_on_the_case t1_jaa7ckx wrote

Damn, bold move having Wahlberg share the stage with asians, good thing he didn't go back into his old habits and attack any of them.


LegkoKatka t1_jabkwra wrote

No Vietnamese in sight so he didn't throw hands.


Randvek t1_jaa8bot wrote

Probably not the last time we hear from him. EEAAO should be raking in the awards this year, and deservedly so.


DavoTB t1_ja9n7of wrote

That was great to watch. Although I did not watch the show, seeing James here was really special. Have enjoyed his work for quite some time.


sysadminbj t1_ja9ifr7 wrote

I always get the biggest grin when he shows up. Love that man.


similar_observation t1_jab1epa wrote

muh boy, James Hong is born the same year as Anne Frank and MLK


Karnorkla t1_ja9td60 wrote

He is a great actor! He is really good in comedy and is crazy funny, and can play a bad guy too. Loved him in Big Trouble in Little China. I was happy to see him on TV getting the SAG award.


barbarbarbarians t1_ja9pe0h wrote

Bonus learning: You do not just receive a star, you or someone else will buy it for $30k+ then they say you receive it.


FartingBob t1_jaa7iif wrote

You (or someone else) pays, but they still approve or reject you if they dont think you are worthy, so dumbass influencer of the month cant get one even if they can afford it.


BJaacmoens t1_jab3pbt wrote

Yeah it's not like some blue Twitter check or anything.


Klin24 t1_ja9zlzp wrote


LipTrev t1_jaax64k wrote

43 years ago, when he was a spry 50!

For some reason I responded to the Wayne's World clip instead of the In-Laws clip. Ah well!

I meant to respond here:


J_Odea t1_jabovqn wrote

29 years ago had me freaking out that I was 43 for a second.


merzulgummidge t1_ja9l10w wrote

He betrayed his son the secret ingredient was 'nothing' took years of therapy to overcome that, but seriously the blokes awesome in everything ive ever seen him in gweilo


Danhuangmao t1_jab3q6f wrote

>He betrayed his son the secret ingredient was 'nothing' took years of therapy to overcome that



UltG t1_jabbr7c wrote

Kung Fu Panda reference. James Hong voices Po’s father


Danhuangmao t1_jabc5nx wrote

Ahhh. I knew his role there but didn’t connect the two. Total brainfart!

Thanks for clarifying.


ShelteringInStPaul t1_jaacp1d wrote

Fun fact: James Hong was born in...Minneapolis, MN. The pride of the northside. Heckuva actor.


Modsda3 t1_ja9wceu wrote

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hong at a martial arts tournament about 30 years ago. He was very nice and genuine.


Danhuangmao t1_jab447j wrote

Surprised that the comments have mentioned all the usual suspects (Big Trouble, Seinfeld, Kung Fu Panda, Blade Runner) except Mulan!


hypz t1_ja9jnxm wrote

Can people stop linking to websites with a pay wall. This must be posted by the la times.


keenweasel74 t1_ja9k8hl wrote

This guy is the OG of GOATs. Never saw him do anything I didn't like. Always brought up any move he was in.


ernster96 t1_jaat31m wrote

Every movie with David Lo Pan is better.


South5 t1_jab84y5 wrote

The lo-pan guy?! Hes been around in so many things, i was pleasantly surprised when i watched eeaaw. Great actor.


totesmuhgoats93 t1_ja9ixlj wrote

That is so amazing and sweet. He's great.


jezmundberserkr t1_jaap34j wrote

James Hong and Morgan Freeman's voices ought to be recorded for all time. I could listen to either of them read anything and I would be enthralled.

Someone make this happen!


Redditfront2back t1_jaaqu7j wrote

Legend, big trouble in little Chinatown is the role I always think of


ZanyDelaney t1_jabplc3 wrote

There's a weird disconnect where after decades of watching TV soaps, action shows, sitcoms, and movies, you realise there is this same guy with medium sized roles in 1000s of things you've seen without really noticing him before.

I love James Hong. Though I didn't really watch the show he was in this cool Falcon Crest cliff-hanger scene. He was also in Dynasty and Dallas aside from super cools roles like in Blade Runner (1982), Big Trouble in Little China (1986), and even Chinatown (1974) fgs.


kronicfeld t1_jaa7cy8 wrote

Maybe a year ago we finally watched Chinatown and here comes this MFer right here, acting like he was just some normal boring character actor. The nerve.


cmanson t1_jaan9fh wrote

Dude is NINETY THREE?? His role in EEAAO was amazing, made me think he was like early 80s at the very most. That’s incredible


Fred_Evil t1_jaaoows wrote

Totally deserved too, he is brilliant and convincing, the man is amongst the best at this craft.


noglorynoguts t1_jabg4iu wrote

You squish lucky cricket…thanks a lot kid!


-maffu- t1_jabungu wrote

He is, and will always be, "David" Lo Pan.


taifong t1_jac80nv wrote

I thought he just did eyes?


rapiertwit t1_jacn193 wrote

If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes.


PaddleMonkey t1_jad1e51 wrote

Thus begin Lo Pan’s revenge.


greenappletree t1_ja9ses7 wrote

Well deserved and he looks great for his age.


Echo71Niner t1_jaanls0 wrote

I honestly thought he was in his early 80s! Happy for him, great actor, and always enjoyed his characters.


tkburro t1_jaaqr47 wrote



GG-Allins-Balls t1_jaaxpf4 wrote

Mogwai requires much responsibility… as does a varied acting career


andlg t1_jabfdem wrote

she said curse word,i hang up phone


HUNK_IRONBODY t1_jac0nxm wrote

You get your star when you pay for it. He couldve gotten it decades ago if he wanted


manguito86 t1_jac988t wrote

He will be forever in my memory for the "The Wish Child" Macgyver episode.


kwereddit t1_jacc2ap wrote

Here's your corrected headline:

James Hong publicist finally coughs up for sidewalk star for his best client.


ACorania t1_jacif73 wrote

Is this really an achievement? Don't they just pay for them?


PaddleMonkey t1_jad1icg wrote

Someone or an organization could sponsor him for the star.


Slatedtoprone t1_jad5tfo wrote

Well done and well deserved. Man is consistently professional and shows up everywhere in the past 7 decades.


thejude555 t1_jadof52 wrote

I guess you could say he’s in everything, everywhere, all at once.


ManOfLaBook t1_ja9nz70 wrote

Shame on Hollywood for taking so long. This should have been done decades ago.

I'm glad for him, well deserved.


Outrager t1_ja9v361 wrote

It does require a $50,000 fee to get one.


That-shouldnt-smell t1_jaaeybo wrote

It's about time and fuck whatever news paper that linked too. Reddit members get ten free articles my butt


Big-Attention-69 t1_jaahlzj wrote

He said his very first movie was with Clark Gable. Truth be told, in his Wikipedia, the first movie that is highlighted in blue did star Clark Gable.

That is sooooo cool. Clark must have been so proud especially that he also pushed for representation of minorities in Hollywood.


Pandelerium11 t1_jaai4tb wrote

He guest starred in an episode of Gomer Pyle, USMC. Awesome episode. With Jeannie Wong too.


Robobvious t1_jaavk97 wrote

He’s been like this ever since he had the noodle dream.


shuvvel t1_jab547t wrote

Walk of Fame stars are bought. If they were earned, Hong would have had his 30 years ago.


Psycheau t1_jab8iv5 wrote

I remember him from an episode of Seinfeld where they're waiting at a restaurant for a table and he is the restaurant owner.

After they leave frustrated by not getting a table he calls out. "Seinfeld table for 4!".


CGY-SS t1_jabmt1n wrote

Is that the Host from the Chinese restaurant episode of Seinfeld??


FluffyBunnyFlipFlops t1_jac22mo wrote

I always remember him from the Big Trouble in Little China film.


Ambiverthero t1_jac6obr wrote

“Receive” like an honour? Really? From Wikipedia: “Anyone, including fans, can nominate anyone active in the field of entertainment as long as the nominee or their management approves the nomination. Nominees must have a minimum of five years' experience in the category for which they are nominated and a history of "charitable contributions””. Additionally they need to pay $55,000 (according to”) to create it and maintain the walk. Well pretty sure maintenance is very low so it’s a cunning way to monetise a pavement/sidewalk. So, to fix this : “TIL James Hong spent $55,000 on a walk of fame star. Anyone can have one who works in entertainment “


Mediocre-District796 t1_jac71qh wrote

I heard that actors individually buy their walk of fame and then need permission from the buildings owner for placement.


clutzyninja t1_jac88kc wrote

Thev wildest thing about this is that he only got a star last fucking year? Dude is a damn legend


throw123454321purple t1_jac8pwv wrote

That dude’s residual checks must clog up his mailbox every day.


VicKrugar t1_jacjpes wrote

That guy's awesome.


kshump t1_jacnb4m wrote

Hoshi the "house painter"!


Whoreson_Welles t1_jacqsnw wrote

Kodi users extremely niche comment: a couple of months back my brother and I were watching The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and James Hong appeared. My brother said with a straight face that he'd better not run him through Kodi for his filmography or it would crash (a nod to how many movies and shows he's been in.)


Riderrod77 t1_jacufpi wrote

J F Sebastian's downfall


originalchaosinabox t1_jad1os6 wrote

My favourite little known fact about him.

Way back in the 1956, he did the voices of both male leads in the American dub of the original Godzilla!


EvilDan69 t1_jadbudu wrote

James is a legend. Love his work.


spr402 t1_jadcofw wrote

About time.


Nixplosion t1_jadd7f5 wrote

"You smoosh lucky cricket??"

"No .. nooo"


sharrrper t1_jadmzhy wrote

Damn, I knew he'd been around, I had no idea he was that old


D34THDE1TY t1_jadxs3i wrote

The secret ingredient to his secret noodles?

There is no secret ingredient!


Rabblerowsers t1_jaam9js wrote

You pay to get a star, not nominated.


Danhuangmao t1_jab3zdr wrote

But still gotta make it past hundreds of other applicants to be awarded one of only a few dozen spots