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Deluxe78 t1_j99e3vp wrote

Well, that's no ordinary rabbit! …. That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!


Lirdon t1_j99e9lx wrote

They had to resort to using the holy hand grenade against it.


WeeWooBooBooBusEMT t1_j99guk9 wrote

Oh boy, did the press and opposition have a field day when this story emerged.


gwaydms t1_j9cy5x6 wrote

The "Killer Rabbit". The whole thing was pretty silly.


Forever_Overthinking OP t1_j99doow wrote

When he told his staff what had happened, they didn't believe him.


ebeth_the_mighty t1_j99eu5o wrote

There’s a Tom Paxton song about this.

“I Don’t Want a Bunny-Wunny in My Wittle Woah Boat”, iirc.


Forever_Overthinking OP t1_j99ezoh wrote

>President Carter got into his boat
>Wasn't in a hurry, wanted to float
>Think about the country
>Think about sin
>Along swum a rabbit
>And he tried to climb in

Huh. I learned two things today!


TyrKiyote t1_j9bicyf wrote

The beast was in panic,
The poor thing was manic,
So Carter took up his paddle,
And threw down in battle.


HPmoni t1_j9bmh4l wrote

It was a large breed of rabbit. But of course Ronald Reagan won.

I swear Carter was born on a native American burial ground.


Groundbreaking_War52 t1_j9bci0g wrote

One of the more unhinged GOP responses to this incident was the claim that the Soviet Union felt emboldened to invade Afghanistan after seeing Carter struggle to fend off a berserk rabbit.


ButterBallTheFatCat t1_j9cr2pb wrote

Ah they obvious decided to invade Afghanistan because of a rabbit. What other conclusions can you draw from this? This is obviously the most sensible thing.


Gorf_the_Magnificent t1_j9d45p0 wrote

The claim that the Republicans blamed the killer rabbit for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was made by Carter’s own Press Secretary, Jody Powell. There is no other substantiation for that claim in the Wikipedia article.

I saw Jody Powell speak at a business conference in 1981, and he was so unimpressive that almost the entire audience was shocked that he had been a senior White House official.


neoengel t1_j99vk3k wrote



Paracelsus19 t1_j9a49ag wrote

I love how there was a photographer pulling a groundskeeper Willie to prove the event actually happened lmao.


Dakens2021 t1_j9a91cu wrote

It's the one thing he and Napoleon have in common.

Carter tried to play it off by calling it a "swamp rabbit" to try to make it sound more ominous and threatening. Some say it was probably a nutria and not a rabbit at all now.


mrbbrj t1_j9b12rc wrote

Physically? As opposed to what, spiritually?


snellickers t1_j9b66vy wrote

So yeah the rabbit thing has been some big supposed metaphor for Carter’s weakness or whatever for decades.

Meanwhile trump for example had endless humiliating episodes (toilet paper on shoe on AF1 ramp, umbrella on AF1 ramp, Jesus just AF1 ramp humiliations is its own trump subgenre) that somehow never added up to one fucking Jimmy Carter rabbit.


eremite00 t1_j9bspu8 wrote

It was probably vorpal.


technicalityNDBO t1_j9acxui wrote

How much are we paying the Secret Service again?


Landlubber77 t1_j99vfuj wrote

He got jumped in the rose garden. Well, hopped anyway.