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AnthillOmbudsman t1_j8auwcr wrote

I wonder how many people remember how people did it before. Jiffy Pop was very popular. It came in an aluminum pie pan container with popcorn and you'd put it on the stove. I remember it always tasted like shit, half the kernels were scorched, the rest tasted like smoke. It was hard not to burn that stuff, and if you went easy half of it wouldn't pop. It just didn't compare to the movie theater.

Microwave popcorn definitely leveled things up, especially when brands like Orville Redenbacher showed up. It was around this time VHS rental and HBO on cable were getting to be popular, so with that and good quality microwave popcorn, the 1980s were really a great time for watching movies at home.


fourdac t1_j8bgkpr wrote

It wasn’t even bad, like at all. They used to make jokes about people who couldn’t handle making jiffy pop.


NoBigDill88 t1_j8c4xt8 wrote

I bought one of those popcorn in a pan, I was excited making it on the stove. It was a massive fail, the popcorn had all the issue your named.


St3v3nMS3 OP t1_j8j6r3b wrote

I’ll still make jiffy pop once in a while it has a great flavor


WesternOne9990 t1_j8kdc4q wrote

Honestly a bigger fan of stove top popcorn for no particular reason other than the fun of watching it expand and shaking it till popped.


Littleupsidedown t1_j8ae6v5 wrote

Every tried making it in a pot? It's long and it's a pain in the ass.


Dubja t1_j8bkqcw wrote

I find it very easy and the popcorn are much tastier. I really dont like the taste of microwaved popcorn.


Roland_Child t1_j8c6rfd wrote

1/4 cup of kernels. Brown paper lunch bag folded well on top. Set microwave for three minutes. When pops are less than every two seconds, remove, add butter, salt and serve. You're welcome.


WesternOne9990 t1_j8kdmgx wrote

No clue who downvoted you, solid advice. Also you can still cook popcorn bags just by emptying them into a pot and cooking it stove top. It came in handy when my sister didn’t have power to run her microwave.


tanfj t1_j8b5lre wrote

Today I learned I'm older than microwave popcorn. Now I feel 10 million years old.


LevelPerception4 t1_j8byupj wrote

And employees in break rooms around the world have cursed them ever since.


dyke_face t1_j8c9f5y wrote

Gotta get corn in everyone’s mouths at all times!!!! Yum yum yum!!! That excess corn we continually grow can’t just sit there!!! Eat up you fat Americans!!! Not sweet enough for you??? Have some yum yum corn syrup in your… well, everything!! Bread, soda, granola bars, tomato sauce, chips and pasta!! yes it looks healthy but it’s still so tasty sugary sweet! Mmmm mmmm!! Gotta have the kids sayin, “mama mama I nee’ my sugary corn suuryp!!”