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ecchi83 t1_j9r42lj wrote

Or help people avoid being eaten by giant bats.


Ahelex t1_j9r9lv3 wrote

Thugs in Gotham start covering themselves in moth wings to avoid getting beaten up by Batman.

Mothman now becomes Batman's arch-nemesis.


XondoXondo420 t1_j9r16l8 wrote

We pretty much already have that tech in multiple forms, you can use sound absorbent materials to soundproof a room, even some submarines were historically equipped with a special hull coating that mostly absorbed active sonar pings, its really cool


RainManToothpicks OP t1_j9rc7jv wrote

Acoustic tiles & panels etc are kind of like foam rubber, "tiny bubbles of air" trapped in really dense materials, I'm not sure the weird tiny intricate microscopic designs involved in the wings have been mimiced yet, someday 3d printing will probably tackle this


RandomActOfMindless t1_j9rfs6m wrote

The problem is those wings are extremely delicate.


RainManToothpicks OP t1_j9rqcg4 wrote

Yeah, definitely going to be a wait. In the meantime a great diy solution for loud drunks outside a room is smushing plastic bags into the crevices of a doorframe with a spatula and squishing rolled up trash bags to seal the bottom


Silverwayfarer t1_j9r2xun wrote

The reason behind the fluffyness. Yet fluffyness no needs a reason to be. I want to cuddle a moth but I caaaan't


5050Clown t1_j9rq198 wrote

What do they mean someday? Just tape a bunch of moth wings to the walls. You can do that today.


DesertRat30 t1_j9r4j91 wrote

The shit nature creates, crazy


Rickard403 t1_j9r9atd wrote

Biomimicry. Very interesting


ChrisGeritol t1_j9ro4cu wrote

So, to keep from hearing the neighbors go at it, fill the wall with moth wings?


BazilBroketail t1_j9s46dh wrote

And they weak! If you have to identify an insect trap for anything other than moths, you fucking hate them. Moth gnats are the worst, but common moths are the debil!1!!


HankHenshawz t1_j9snhuv wrote

Anyone too interested in soundproofing is immediately suspicious IMO


peggasus97 t1_j9tnqwq wrote

Well it is great for you that you cannot hear everything in your house/neighborhood.... some people are deaf and some people are hypersensitive. Sound proofing can be pain relief.


Flemtality t1_j9tlt8n wrote

What exactly does "places" mean in this context?

Also, the use of "might" in the title is hilarious, a lot of things "might" happen, OP.


RainManToothpicks OP t1_j9v56ei wrote

"Places" that are "loud" lol, movie theaters, recording studios, nightclubs etc spend quite a bit on sound proofing, most of it's bulky & super expensive


bone-dry t1_j9ttw4q wrote

I’m sure the military will be working on it to create quieter murder weapons before any rooms get soundproofing