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ColonelKasteen t1_j8s7gir wrote

Yeah that was weird- great scene but didn't they just spend like 20 minutes establishing that Sally has a huge stick up her ass at that point in life?


Snowbirdy t1_j8sdkl4 wrote

What I like about it is it established dimensionality to her character. She wasn’t a one note prude, she just wasn’t going there with Harry.


DatDudefromWI t1_j8uv37n wrote

But there was also a scene where they were exchanging anecdotes about their (terrible) first dates following difficult breakups, and she was mortified when he casually mentioned that he slept with his date anyway. And of course when they slept together when she was upset over her ex getting engaged, she thought it meant much more than he did. So to me she was portrayed as a "one note prude" ... except for that single "I'll have what she's having" scene.


Snowbirdy t1_j8v916n wrote

No, she was just portrayed as someone who doesn’t have sex on the first date. I have friends who are long, happily married, and very faithful, who have filthy sense of humor. Heck, my last serious relationship, she would not even kiss me on the first date, and then ended up being the best sex of my life.

But the humor also comes from the incongruity. So if we set aside the real world and just look at the comedy, the fact that you spend the whole movie thing and she’s a prude and then she has this scene makes it funnier.