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Bierbart12 t1_j8dvhze wrote

There were/are so many TVs with built-in media players, I'm surprised to only hear of a built-in console now


ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN t1_j8dw1hf wrote

Ah, but did you know about the PC with a Sega Mega Drive built into it?


Martipar t1_j8e39d6 wrote

The Amstrad Mega PC was a pile of shit though, it was just an underpowered, overpriced PC with a Mega Drive attached with no functionality between the two. It was cheaper at the time to buy a Mega Drive (4 years old at this point) and a better PC than it was to buy the Amstrad. The Sega Teradrive released in Japan was a much better Mega Drive/PC hybrid with a way to program games on the PC and test them on the Mega Drive.


ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN t1_j8emqc6 wrote

Oh absolutely. Yes The Teradrive was better, but that's not saying much as it also wasn't good, it's just the Amstrad version was utterly terrible.


Muscled_Manatee t1_j8g9jhg wrote

My favorite was not a TV with a console built in, but my iMac with Bleem! Best of both worlds…kind of.


MakesMyHeadHurt t1_j8ggacz wrote

When I was a kid a friend of mine had a TV (old tube type) with an NES built into it.


imunicrons t1_j8dw58z wrote

PS2 in 2010?? Ugh, why would the release new tech with a PS2 when the PS3 was already out for around 4 years?


humorous_ t1_j8e38xb wrote

Read the article maybe?

> The question was: why did Sony decide to market a television with an integrated PS2 more than four years after the release of its PS3?

> To answer this question we have to look further in the past. In that year Sony released a refurbished PS2, the PS2 Slim, to boost sales again. Technically, the PS2 was sold until 2013. More than seven years after the introduction of the PS3. However, after the introduction of the PS3, the PS2 was particularly popular in emerging economies such as Brazil and other parts of Latin America. In Japan, the US and Europe, the interest of many gamers had already turned to the new PS3.

> The story goes that Sony had a surplus of PS2 hardware for the European PAL region. The company may have expected a more gradual transition from current to next-gen and thereby overproduced PS2 hardware. It now sought a way to get rid of its redundant hardware without having to write it all off or dump it somewhere in the sea.

PS3 was $499 at launch ($640 adjusted for inflation) meanwhile the PS2 was just $99 in 2010.


TastyCartographer630 t1_j8e75fl wrote

Nobody reads the articles, nobody has time to spend 20 minutes reading every article they come across that piques their interests, some people just want to ponder out loud or create a discussion, stop being so condescending and relax


DaveOJ12 t1_j8g44oy wrote

>Nobody reads the articles, nobody has time to spend 20 minutes reading every article they come across that piques their interests, some people just want to ponder out loud or create a discussion, stop being so condescending

The lack of self-awareness is astonishing.


Nahvec t1_j8gx3w9 wrote

it's literally two paragraphs in, you could've taken half the time finding this information for yourself rather than writing this reply complaining about someone who wasnt even talking to you


ChiefKrunchy t1_j8icf9k wrote

Then they should go look at memes or YouTube shorts and leave the reading and discussions to others.


bolanrox t1_j8ea6iy wrote

Mesa sold the Mk III and MK IV Boogies for several years in the 90's as well, but stopped marketing the III. i guess they were just trying to use up old stock? it was the only model that they did this with though


TastyCartographer630 t1_j8dz7ok wrote

If I had to guess it’s because PS2’s sold like fucking hotcakes, a lot of people bought them just as DVD players and they more than likely had enough data especially by 2010 to come to the conclusion that if they were going to do this doing it with PS2s was the most cost efficient. Cheaper to make, more people would buy


Fuzzl t1_j8e32cu wrote

There is also a ps3 version with 3d. You can play full screen cough MP when both players use 3d glasses.


HobbitFoot t1_j8e6kcc wrote

Someone does the math and figures it isn't that much more money to sell an integrated PS2 over an integrated DVD player.


bolanrox t1_j8e9ysa wrote

they were still selling the ps2 in Brasil at the time? or was that the Sega Master System and og NES?


jesuschin t1_j8dytrc wrote

This is why Sony lost their reputation in home electronics. They were constantly behind and focused all of their energy on the absolute stupidest things. All they have left is their Playstation platform.


Fuzzl t1_j8e3b2i wrote

Sony is way, way bigger than just TV's and home equipment.


jesuschin t1_j8e3hik wrote

Sure. But I'm specifically talking about home electronics...hence why I said they lost their reputation in home electronics and not their movie division


InsuranceToTheRescue t1_j8e1zsw wrote

I'm actually quite enjoying my Sony TV as well. I hear their cameras are pretty good too.


jesuschin t1_j8e2edm wrote

They're fine for what they are but Sony is a mid-range TV now and they're not at the forefront of innovation. They're strictly a follower now.


lo_fi_ho t1_j8enuhg wrote

HD Ready was 720p


ShadeBaron t1_j8gflz7 wrote

Hotels was why they did it

PS2 was so widely sold it made sense.


JulioBBL t1_j8ggc2g wrote

The awesome thing is, if you bought one, apart from the size, you probably haven’t felt the need to upgrade…

The thing has it all, HDMI with audio return channel for some sound bar action, the controller is basically the same for brand new bravias…

I doubt the thing has very good smart functionalities, but holy hell, the thing even has a ethernet jack…


JuanRico15 t1_j8ii302 wrote

Wow so you didnt even have to screw in the online adapter? Thats bad ass.


Josejacobuk t1_j8f1n41 wrote

I have one of these it’s cool. Great picture for PS1 games


ShadeBaron t1_j8gfhmz wrote

Today I learned they are $500 on ebay


kingkellogg t1_j8dxmih wrote

A tv with a built in console sounds.pretty amazing ngl