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vertigo01 t1_j9hretf wrote

It’s good to see as part of the titanic museum. Ladies toilet signage could be a lot clearer on it. Me and the mate walked in thinking it was part of the museum tour. Nope.


monkeypox_69 t1_j9j8q81 wrote

That's actually pretty funny.


RamboSixVegas t1_j9m391r wrote

It's also pretty easy to do. You walk right into the mens' toilets the way you would any modern public bathroom, so you might expect the women's bathroom to be the same. To get to the ladies' toilets, you first enter from the 1st Class area into a lounge exclusive to women that anyone can explore as they would the rest of the ship. Then, you turn left to enter the bathroom proper, which is a room with a sink in the middle with a bench to the left and two toilets to the right.

Men and women alike often went into the lounge then, in "tourist mode," continued walking into the bathroom. Keep in mind the Trust used the recovered original fittings and used recreations when the originals weren't recoverable. The bathrooms really are an attraction in and of themselves. It wasn't uncommon for unintentional voyeurs to be wowed by the decor and belatedly realize they were in a fully functional ladies' bathroom.


simonwales t1_j9jicui wrote

The titanic museum in Belfast is great. Besides the actual exhibits, you can walk down the massive ramp that the ship was built on and put to sea from. Feels like you're in a steampunk movie.


YourlocalTitanicguy t1_j9iu5tx wrote

For this old Titanic nerd, stepping onto Nomadic was very emotional :)


WhoCalledthePoPo t1_j9kik1c wrote

I toured this boat as well as the Titanic museum in Belfast last year, it's well worth your time!