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CletusDSpuckler t1_ja8f8tg wrote

"Say, Omar, this drink is wonderful. Mild diesel overtones, a brake fluid finish that lingers on the palette, with hints of 90W and ethylene glycol".


Thatparkjobin7A t1_ja8k8cf wrote

To Slurpees! And to Sgt. Pepper, who’s growing out of the middle of your back!


AnimaleTamale t1_ja9n388 wrote

(Faintly from under the shirt) "I'm just glad I'm along for the ride!"


benefit_of_mrkite t1_ja8gl0g wrote

So many summers scrounging up enough change for you and your friends to ride bikes to 7-11 for a slurpee and maybe some candy if you had enough left over


SimonArgent t1_ja8xdse wrote

Coke Slurpee was the best!


LADYBIRD_HILL t1_ja9iu7t wrote

Half coke and cherry


Stivo887 t1_ja9nvz5 wrote

I prefer to mix all the mfin flavors


Airp0w t1_ja9xzm2 wrote

Swamp water baby!


throwawayforyouzzz t1_jabvvje wrote

I’m from Singapore and used to get Slurpee from 7-11 when I was young. They don’t seem to sell it here anymore.


Aethelon t1_jabzeb3 wrote

They are still around


throwawayforyouzzz t1_jabzfk7 wrote

Which 7-11s?


Aethelon t1_jabzkec wrote

Most of the 7-11s i've seen still have slurpee machines. Maybe the one you went to had it down?


throwawayforyouzzz t1_jabzlum wrote

Oh I was asking so I could buy some. Maybe the ones I go to are smaller.


Aethelon t1_jabzp9z wrote

Even the small void deck 7-11s have them. Ofc, not the ones who are essentially newspaper stands. Or the standalone one in orchard road(didnt check.)


throwawayforyouzzz t1_jabztp7 wrote

Why must the one at my office be the one not to have a slurpee? I get sandwiches and coffee in the morning and wouldn’t mind buying a slurpee once in a while.


Bilore t1_ja9zlvc wrote

They do a slushee like this called the kamikaze at my local ice cream place.


TheInfamous313 t1_ja9djzi wrote

Has one last summer, for the first time in about 15 years. I can confirm, It still is.


Blastmeaway t1_jabfhn2 wrote

I out 3/4 coke slurpee and pop over to the soda fountain to top the rest off with some regular coke, keeps the slurpee good the full was through.


hannabarberaisawhore t1_ja9u2ag wrote

I kind of miss 5 cent candies. The bags and tongs and other people’s germs, but getting to select each candy.


ZerglingBBQ t1_ja8k6fc wrote

It was jack-in-a-box for me. But yeah yeah. Good old days


themagicbong t1_ja8s86g wrote

monsters, taquitos, and mw2 with the boys, that was my life every weekend for a hot minute. Shit I remember one summer the gang going on a rotation at everyone's house where time was just a suggestion and the main concern was entertainment 24/7 lol.

I dont even talk to any of those people anymore. Life is such a trip sometimes.


benefit_of_mrkite t1_jaa5136 wrote

We had them in Dallas but i never went much.

People would still talk about their horsemeat and kangaroo meat scare


i_hateeveryone t1_jaabbdz wrote

Yup, flipping sofa cushions to find the change to make the .99$ needed


Rdubya44 t1_jaa2xxy wrote

The kids in my neighborhood would get a large slurpee cup, put a pack candy inside and then fill it with slurpee. Pretty clever but they found out fairly quickly and cracked down on it.


monkeypox_69 t1_jabxx0g wrote

You put the candy bar in the slurpee before you fill it. 😉


smilbandit t1_jadl0p2 wrote

yes, and walking around looking at stuff as you drink most of it only to refill before paying and leaving. so many brain freezes that could have been avoided had I not been greedy.


detox02 t1_ja88dpp wrote

I wonder if he or his family gets royalties


ThePresidentsNipples t1_ja8bmww wrote

Last I read (years ago) he got fucked


Sufficient_Spray t1_ja8etbq wrote

He received royalties from 7-11 and others for about 17 years until the patent expired. How much? I have no idea. Kind of crazy it was in a small town in Kansas he created it and now it’s worldwide.


misogichan t1_jaahc3u wrote

To be fair, it wasn't some super revolutionary idea. Snow cones go back to the 1850s and Kakigori goes back to the Heian period in japan (more than 1000 years ago). What he invented was just a machine that could make it easier and more convenient to serve.


ours t1_jacvu47 wrote

Oh, it goes way back. Sorbet goes back to around Iran 550 BC.


pmjdang t1_ja8xurx wrote

They got royalties from 7-Eleven for the machine, but I believe he founded the Icee company, so they were getting paid, until they sold the company.


GiantRobotTRex t1_jaa1aoi wrote

> Slurpee flavors were given novelty names such as Pink Fink, Adults Only, Moonshine, Kissin' Cousin, Gully Washer, Sticky Icky, and Redeye.

Wow, those are some interesting choices


OfficeChairHero t1_jaanibh wrote

Gully Washer. I need to use that sometime.

"Stuff that down yer..."

Yep. I'm using that.


Chunklob t1_ja9mr75 wrote

They used to have ICEE at K-Mart. Popcorn too.


milesd t1_ja9rvit wrote

And a full on cafeteria at mine, at least in the early 80s.


Ghostronic t1_ja9ws09 wrote

Wal-Mart did too. I remember the first time I walked into one and saw a fucking McDonalds instead and I just about shit a brick.


series_hybrid t1_ja8x6lc wrote

The Margarita was named after a female bartender who was serving oil-workers after work in the summer.


BxTart t1_jaad5nx wrote

A song concept rejected by Looking Glass


GeoffKingOfBiscuits t1_jacj5cz wrote

It's named after the Daisy cocktail that came before it. A Daisy is base spirit, lime, cointreau, and simple. Daisy in Spanish is Margarita.


Newtronica t1_ja90lm9 wrote

How long do we need to wait until someone does this for McDonald's ice cream machines?


El_Zorro09 t1_ja9wd9z wrote

What about Krusty's partially gelatinated non-dairy gum-based beverages? Who invented those?


granadesnhorseshoes t1_jabop40 wrote

having spent far too much time researching this; Malt-a-plenty. However Ray Croc sold the mix as a salesman before McDonald's... i mean krusty burger. And McDonald's... i mean krusty burger, never sold it as their milkshakes.


KMerrells t1_ja9iz0p wrote

Manitoba thanks him for his service


theschauff t1_jaa41bt wrote

Try as I might I can't seem to pull Calgary ahead of you guys by myself.... Ah well.


terrible02s t1_ja8uudc wrote

Car parts? There are some smart people out there.


Chunklob t1_ja9nawc wrote

my grandpa built an air compressor from an old ice machine and a propane tank. He also built a roto-tiller out parts. Both items weigh roughly 325 pounds each.


terrible02s t1_jaa0ldr wrote

I'm sure grandpa walked 10 miles to school uphill as well


FiftyTigers t1_jaagr9z wrote

Slush Puppies are by far the best slushie created.


ANONYMOUS-B0SH t1_jab6s5d wrote

That explains why the freon years where so good. Car parts


Our_Miss_Peach t1_jac2kfd wrote

DQ had the Mister Mistee, 7-11 had the Slurpee and the Icee was Circle-K perhaps


litux t1_jachzu6 wrote

The guy's name is a linguistic rollercoaster.

"Omar" can be an Arabic name, but also a variant of Germanic name "Othmar", which, looking at the guy's pic and bio, sounds more plausible.

"Knedlik" is a Czech word for Knödel, a Central European boiled dumpling.

The whole name sounds like Mustafa Pierog or Muhammad Schnitzel.


STRCoolerSimp t1_jabea9h wrote

Can I put it in a double gulp cup tho?


bumpywigs t1_jadkjqx wrote

Til slurpees are real not a joke from the Simpsons


smilbandit t1_jadkoel wrote

after hearing about the flaming hot cheeto janitor not inventing flaming hot cheeto's, i'm inclined to not believe this story.