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80088008135 t1_j77t34z wrote

While some of it might be “1/32 Indian Princess” syndrome, the U.S. census only started allowing for selecting multiple races since 2000, and between the 2010 and 2020 census that option has massively changed demographic reporting across the board in the past 10 years.



pnweiner t1_j7efkfb wrote

Yeah, I worked for the 2020 Census as an enumerator and we were required to put down whatever someone identified as. There were quite a few people that said to me things along the lines of “well, I think I have a Native American ancestor” and would then tell me to put down Native American in addition to white. I had people tell me clearly bullshit answers to my questions, and I had to put down whatever they claimed, those were the rules. I wouldn’t doubt if these numbers have been skewed by things like that.

Edit: also as someone who worked for the 2020 census, it would be wise to take the stats that come out of it with a grain of salt. There were a myriad of issues with counting that year, it was a nightmare.