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Chiefo104 t1_j77xaua wrote

What are you talking about? Government cheese? I've never heard of any natives getting reparations. I am in a revenue generating tribe and work for them. You sound like you are talking in generalities.


waaseyaaban t1_j77yt1j wrote

By government cheese, I assume they're referring to how you gain access (as an enrolled member of a tribe) to tuition waivers for college (some are limited to certain tribes in a state, some are available to any tribe) and being able to go to Indian Health Services for healthcare (which is so unreliable in some parts of the US you might as well have no healthcare)

As for reparations I assume they are referring to tribes who have treaty money disbursed (an example is the 1854 Treaty Authority) in some interval (yearly, quarterly, etc).

Which yeah, is speaking in generalities. I've had people assume we all get "casino money" while my tribe's casino is so poorly managed all it does is lose money, and the only money you're getting from it is working minimum wage as a gift shop cashier


Chiefo104 t1_j780rux wrote

My tribe has a casino and we get about $800 a month with a couple $500 easter and Xmas bonuses. It's not enough to live on but it's very very nice.

Our casino was mismanaged by our board and only paid interest on the casino loan of a couple hundred million. That was for 20 years. In the last 10 years things got better and the debt will be paid off in like 2 years.

The college thing is really great. I believe some schools in New Hampshire or Vermont allows tribal members to go for free. The same with the Colorado College of Mines and now all UCs in California. We have a scholarship program and have sent maybe 100 kids through, myself included. The tribes goal is to make each generation better and I think it's working.


waaseyaaban t1_j782i6j wrote

Michigan is another one- the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver covers full tuition for Master's and PhDs, and in-state tuition for undergraduate programs at all colleges in Michigan. The only stipulations are you need to be enrolled (it doesn't matter where in the US your tribe is) and to have lived in Michigan for a consecutive year. It's certainly the only reason I've gotten an education.

Thankfully Michigan has some great schools for business, law, engineering, nursing, etc that can set you on a stable path in life.


accentadroite_bitch t1_j7b4om3 wrote

When I worked for the public university system in Maine, there was originally a full ride (including room and board) for tribe-associated native people. While I was there, the room and board portion changed from 100% to a sliding scale, but I believe the tuition/fees are still covered.


Atiggerx33 t1_j78vm0g wrote

Government cheese is a thing if you're on WIC, since pregnant women need a good diet the government just hands out some food if the woman is low-income, one of those foods being 'government cheese'.

I guess in some states they also give Native Americans government cheese? Seems odd "heyy we stole your land and genocided your people, here's some apology cheese" 🤷.

From what I've been told the cheese comes in an unsliced block and varies in quality. Like I've been told in many states the government cheese is disgusting. In NY though it's better than Boar's Head, best American cheese I've ever eaten.


SEA2COLA t1_j794e3n wrote

My grandparents used to get 'government cheese' (they were on social security). It was pretty much velveeta.


Atiggerx33 t1_j7auhw4 wrote

I thought Velveeta was more of a mild cheddar? From what I understand the government cheese in NY is American cheese.


Dr_DMT t1_j77xpv0 wrote

The tribes where I live get bricks of government cheese. For a short period of time the US Federal government gave out roughly $450-$550 to every tribal member, a one time "reperation" for stolen lands (2012-2013)

Certain tribes here even give you land when you gain membership.


geriatric-sanatore t1_j792yx8 wrote

Your tribe doesn't have commodities for its members?


Chiefo104 t1_j795jd8 wrote

No, we give out money instead.


geriatric-sanatore t1_j79rn5v wrote

We get money as well from our tribe (Seneca-cayuga) but it has to be need based usually, revenue from the casino and snow shop/ tobacco plant the commodities are given to all tribal member elders and you get the big ass block of cheese plus like bags of chicken breasts, frozen vegetables, fruits, fresh food like onions potatoes etc didn't matter what tribe you are Cherokee, Ottawa, Miami, etc you get it once a month. Maybe it's just an Oklahoma tribe thing I'm not sure about other States.