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JuzoItami t1_j79k356 wrote

The English writer Evelyn Waugh's first wife was named Evelyn Waugh. Their friends referred to them as "He-velyn" and "She-velyn".


ldy_strdst t1_j7a9zgl wrote

When he dated Taylor Swift I remember remarking that if they got married they’d have the same name, it’s satisfying to find out all these years later that it actually happened, albeit with a different woman called Taylor


Rievin t1_j7aumn0 wrote

You think it's some sort of accident? Dude went around only dating Taylor's for this exact reason.

Source: trust me bro


JamersonRosenstein t1_j7ayvqh wrote

Maybe he’s just one of those guys that has a cheesy pickup line about having the same name, and it just happen to work twice on different women named Taylor.


Dolly_gale t1_j7b0chz wrote

Or maybe there was a period when parents were very unoriginal with naming their kids.


ElectricityIsWeird t1_j7ddlu9 wrote

Funny story. My daughter was born in 2005. We had no strong favorites, but we ended up liking Ava a lot. You know, not original, but a nice name that was pretty rare in 2005.

Fast forward a couple years and I’m reading the paper. An article listing the top baby names from the last couple years, I think it was only MN, but what was #1 for girls in 2005? Ava.


Dolly_gale t1_j7df0rg wrote

A friend of mind just named her youngest son Henry. In my whole life, I've never met a Henry (that I know of). My friend said that not only did she just become aware of several kids named 'Henry' in her area that are the same age as her son, two of them have the same middle name.


[deleted] t1_j7bskwi wrote

Sometimes it happens. I have known an irrational number of women named Sarah in my life, none related to me. I don’t know why and I certainly didn’t look for women named Sarah. Taylor might just be a name that is common in Lautner’s generation.


BunInTheSun27 t1_j7dgreb wrote

I did know someone who dated only Maddies (as far as I could tell). Maybe 5 in a row? His name unfortunately was not Matt lmao


johndburger t1_j7b8jw6 wrote

C’mon, you really think Taylor Swift would have changed her last name?


pinkpugita t1_j7aqsou wrote

Reminded me that Britney Spears' father is Jamie Spears, who named his second daughter Jamie Lynn Spears. Then Jamie Lynn married a guy named Jamie.


Stackduckets t1_j7avxhq wrote

Accurately introduced as "Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner"


chrisfyb t1_j79gahp wrote

That vain motherfucker...


kckaaos t1_j79nvx3 wrote

I went to school with two people with the exact same names, one a boy and one a girl. they got married and still had the exact same names. They named their first boy after the father and the first girl after the mother.


medoy t1_j7aqpir wrote

Their name? Albert Einstein.


Rekuna t1_j7au5gb wrote

That marines name? Richard Dawkins.


ImPetarded t1_j79gmum wrote

In my dreams they're best friends with Taylor Swift


timojenbin t1_j79m03d wrote

I think they dated.


NetDork t1_j7a5kou wrote

This is a dude who really likes to fuck himself.


SoleIbis t1_j79mrc4 wrote

They did, it’s been in the news lately


Grandpa_Edd t1_j7a3pmx wrote

The wike paragraph states that he also dated Taylor Swift.


HPmoni t1_j79ku6s wrote

Yeah, that's the weirdest thing I've heard in awhile.


barelylethal10 t1_j79rd5k wrote

Well, they're both just named Taylor hahahaha her last name was shay or day or something, I remember somebody telling me this tidbit and I looked into it so it's true, but not as "crazy" as this headline leads one to believe


ActualGiantPenguin t1_j7agkoe wrote

That means they scream their own names during climax


substantial-freud t1_j7d7ine wrote

I used to date a girl whose name was pronounced “me”. I did not call her that during sex.

Before her, I dated a girl whose name was pronounced “I”. I would not call her that during sex, but only once at a time. More than that, I would sound Mexican.

Not kidding.


chucklingmoose t1_j79vsi8 wrote

nee Taylor dome though, so it's mainly the first name coincidence but yeah that's pretty funny


awhq t1_j7b5g1y wrote

My daughter and her boyfriend have the same first name and go by the same nickname. Conversations are interesting to say the least.


jimmyxs t1_j7ao5ew wrote

He loves himself so much he decided to get another


pbmm1 t1_j7abyws wrote

But who took whose name?


qbak t1_j7ahdxn wrote

I'm in awe of these people and the lives they live


jablair51 t1_j7b0hbq wrote

Baseball player Madison Bumgarner dated a girl with the same name as him in high school. They were probably distantly related.


spreadybeans t1_j7g0j2x wrote

My husband and I have the same first name. It is gender neutral, but traditionally was a masculine name. We married in October 2022. I really wanted to take his last name because mine is long, German, and annoying and his is easy as pie.. BUT he is well known in our community, and we are in the same professional circles so I opted to not take his last name to avoid a case of mistaken identity. ~sigh~

I cannot imagine what it would be like to be Taylor's wife. Absolute madness. Or maybe they don't have to worry about it because they have money and people to do things for them - so if the IRS or some other important entity confuses their identities, they don't have to worry about the repercussions. It's the legal crap I worry about.


CTN_Journalism t1_j79g0m4 wrote

Oh no, I bet they have their names switched up quite a bit.



Talltist t1_j7btn7j wrote

Maybe he is a closet narcissist and he wanted to be able to call out his own name during sex.


spaceraingame t1_j7c7o5x wrote

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.


President_Calhoun t1_j7co6p7 wrote

"Hi. This is my parent Taylor, and this is my other parent Taylor."


Salmol1na t1_j7cr4uv wrote

They met at a Taylor Lautner convention


onioning t1_j7ccxl1 wrote

Madison Bumgartner used to date a girl named Madison Bumgartner. Sadly it didn't work out though.


SumDux t1_j7cue84 wrote

Anyone else notice that they call Jacob Black a shapeshifter and not a werewolf?


calcbone t1_j7d0bjd wrote

I went to college with a couple who are now married—Andy and Andi


shadwsin t1_j7d1jnt wrote

I give you Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner


rooletwastaken t1_j7d4stz wrote

i never even knew he stopped dating Carrie Fishers daughter, clearly im not a big enough shark boy fan


mastermartian1 t1_j7ddutr wrote

And she's a huge Taylor Swift fan


desertvibin t1_j7dx06n wrote

I went to high school with her, she was then at least.


reblosch t1_j7ffr3h wrote

That's a silly first name to be frank. He might as well call himself Sailor or Postman.


Dazzling-Ducks t1_j7a0pfz wrote

Well obviously their last name would be the same.


atlblaze t1_j7ab3z0 wrote

It’s becoming more and more common for women to keep their maiden names after getting married.

It’s not a given any more that the woman will change her last name.

My brother’s wife didn’t change her last name.


johndburger t1_j7b91ti wrote

Quite common - 20–30% of women now retain their name when they get married. The number rises every year, after dipping a bit in the 80s.


distilledvinegar1 t1_j7asyp9 wrote

What last name do the kids get?


atlblaze t1_j7azk5m wrote

Kids have his last name. She’s not opposed to his name.

I think the reason she kept hers was because she already had had a career for a decade and was known by her name. Why change it? Keeping her last name doesn’t make her any less his wife or them any less a family.

Anecdotally, this is becoming way more common.

Some people do a hyphenated last name that combines both.


spreadybeans t1_j7g184d wrote

I wanted to change mine because it would be easier to spell, people wouldn't mess it up, and I don't identify much with my maiden name. But my husband and I have the same first name.. And he's well known in the community, we are in similar professional circles, so I opted to keep my maiden name.

Had my maiden name been easy I would have kept it regardless if we had the same first name or not.

And interestingly enough, my husbands last name is actually his mothers Maiden name. My husbands brother took their Dad's last name.


ventricles t1_j7bziha wrote

Have you ever looked into how much work it takes to change a name? It’s not easy, you have to redo every single document you have.

When I got married I just added his last name to the end of mine on email and social media accounts and called it a day.


EvenDranky t1_j7any3o wrote

I thought he was gay, I recall some news thing where he came out…. Oh wait I just remembered I don’t actually care, carry on, hope you are happy