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ChoseMyOwnUsername t1_ja8k3ux wrote

!RemindMe 241,000 years


jelang19 t1_ja8tgks wrote

In the far future, everything is lost. Humans still survive, but have been driven back to the dark ages. All technology has been lost for centuries. Suddenly, a computer whirrs to life with a message....

Mt Everest is no longer the tallest mountain

...what could this mean?


SupaFlyslammajammazz t1_ja98erw wrote

Considering we are in the mists of a periodic Ice Age and that only 10% of humanity survived, the global message that those astrial monuments that remained a mystery are warnings that that catastrophe can happen again.


jamieliddellthepoet t1_jaad19v wrote


What does this mean?


Who_DaFuc_Asked t1_jaamocd wrote

I googled it, first result was a website called Astrial that sells inserts you put into those starlight/planetary projector things you can buy on Amazon for 30 bucks.


gandalf_bread t1_jabdxr2 wrote

That's was of a recent Netflix documentary. Its thought that there used to be an advanced civilization during the ice age that suffered a catastrophic collapse, probably due to a meteorite. The survivors created monuments/constructions stamping star alignments that could bring the same events.


UnfinishedProjects t1_ja9qxbr wrote

Considering that one of the proposed methods of keeping people away from toxic landfill sites in the distant future is to setup a cult that keeps people away from "the sacred sites", actually I don't remember where I was going with that, but it reminded me of it.


LipTrev t1_jabj486 wrote

> Considering that one of the proposed methods of keeping people away from toxic landfill sites in the distant future is to setup a cult that keeps people away from "the sacred sites", actually I don't remember where I was going with that, but it reminded me of it.

You would love to listen to Joe Walsh interviews.


rac3r5 t1_ja90bs2 wrote

This reminds me of the mining game 'Deep Town' lol.


boot2skull t1_ja9kele wrote

I’m gonna play the Nelson “Haha!” Sound clip.


pzman89 t1_jaahn0t wrote

Goddamnit this was my immediate thought


andoesq t1_ja8muig wrote

I'm gonna go climb it now, beat the rush


AdClemson OP t1_ja8n8y5 wrote

Goodluck, it is also one of the deadliest mountains in the world to climb lol


boot2skull t1_ja9kl44 wrote

My corpse will be the first corpse landmark then!


seth928 t1_jaaftw2 wrote

Don't wear green boots, going to want to avoid confusion.


ApocalypsePopcorn t1_jabdpg6 wrote

"So what yer gunna wanna do is, follow the path until you see the dead guy with his pecker out, then take your bearing off the direction his ol John Thomas is pointing in..."


narky1 t1_jac0li2 wrote

Hurambe's marker.

I seriously doubt we'll be able to see it, much less what direction it's pointing.


_liomus_ t1_jaa8v2m wrote

can we please leave this particular part out of the new highest mountain


boot2skull t1_ja9kltz wrote

My corpse will be the first corpse landmark then!


justanawkwardguy t1_ja8wv1w wrote

“Yeah, I climbed it before it was called the tallest”


SamtheCossack t1_ja8x7fy wrote

If you climb to the top, and just wait there, you will be the first to be on top when it finally becomes the world's tallest.


cmanson t1_ja9tgw9 wrote

Unless someone tosses your long-mummified corpse down the side of the mountain


Pandamonial t1_jacnecv wrote

So you have to stick the death landing and the dealth selfie? This is a tough one


bebedumbo t1_ja9bvsw wrote

Remember to pick up your garbage up and down the mountain.


andoesq t1_ja9jryy wrote

I'm just going to take a couple granola bars, but I'll make sure I don't forget to bring the wrappers back with me!


madworld2713 t1_ja9tx6x wrote

Just wait up there until it gets taller then you’ll have the record


AdClemson OP t1_ja8k5xk wrote

Everest is also far from being the fastest-growing mountain on our planet. The closest contender for the top spot is perhaps Nanga Parbat, a neighbour to Everest located in the Pakistani Himalayan range, which is 8,126m (26,660ft) tall and growing at 7mm (0.27in) per year. In 241,000 years it could overtake Everest to be the tallest mountain on Earth, provided rates of erosion don't change.

from the article


jumpup t1_ja92p0d wrote

what if someone takes a shovel to the top, then it could be the highest next week


fesakferrell t1_ja9dzgi wrote

Funnily enough they're trying to do that in India on a mountain, they're trying to build a cairn on top to overtake everest, but it keeps falling over.


dplfk t1_jaeywa1 wrote

India's tallest rubbish mountain in New Delhi??


dmr11 t1_jab1ipf wrote

Or use a bunch of dynamite.


geekgodzeus t1_jabvj5r wrote

Strangely though the translation of Nanga Parbat is Naked Mountain.

A grower and a shower.


rip1980 t1_ja8k5gv wrote

You get party hats, I'll get the noise makers.


wwarnout t1_ja8rsnv wrote

The concept of "tallest mountain" is based on sea level - which itself is not consistent. Due to Earth's rotation, sea level is farther from the Earth's center at the equator than at the poles. As a result, there is a mountain in South America (Mount Chimborazo's) whose peak is farther from the Earth's center, but because it is near the equator, it is not as high above sea level as Everest.


kinda_alone t1_ja8tn2m wrote

Tallest from base to peak is a third way to calculate it. When measuring this way, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Haleakala from Hawaii are the three tallest.


hoffmanmclaunsky t1_ja9odz2 wrote

driving up Haleakala is kind of a surreal experience. It just keeps going up. You start at warm balmy tropical beaches, two hours and 10,000 feet later you get out in a cold, desolate desert. And you can still see those warm balmy beaches in the distance. It's wild.


turbanned_athiest t1_ja9qmr7 wrote

Did that on Mauna Kea, was amazing. Got an amateur astronomy guided tour of the sky on the way down. Fun fact: scuba diving and then driving up the mountain could give you decompression sickness, we must have been warned at least 5 times.


Evolving_Dore t1_jaa9nxj wrote

And that's starting at sea level, not at the base, which is on the sea floor.


relefos t1_jaa2ikt wrote

Interestingly, if you take this method and require the base’s elevation to be somewhere at or above sea level, you get the height of the mountain as it would appear to a human viewer

I say interesting bc when we use this methodology, Denali in Alaska actually appears to be the largest. While its peak is only ~20k feet above seal level, its lowest base is 3k above sea level. Making it appear to be 17k feet tall. Meanwhile Everest is something like 29k and 14k, making it appear to be 15k feet tall, or about 2k feet shorter than Denali

This is sometimes mistaken for a mountain’s “prominence”, but that’s actually a different measurement


herbw t1_ja8v3ft wrote

Exactly!! A point anyone who has basic geologies in mind, also knows.


DowntownScore2773 t1_ja9m8xh wrote

This isn’t an entirely accurate statement. Chimborazo is the mountain that is farthest from the earth’s core and closest to the sun due the earth’s centrifugal bulge. Tallest is a measurement from base to peak and not sea level to peak. The tallest mountain in the world is Mauna Kea in Hawaii whose base starts below sea level. Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world. Here is a NOAA site that explains the difference.


dfox2014 t1_jaamovg wrote

Great link, that graphic helps a lot.


LipTrev t1_jabjmpe wrote

> This isn’t an entirely accurate statement. Chimborazo is the mountain that is farthest from the earth’s core and closest to the sun due the earth’s centrifugal bulge.

But centrifugal is a false force /s

Chimborazo is a perfect example that people who say centrifugal force is a false force really need to close mouth, sit down.


bolanrox t1_ja947p6 wrote

And everest is only the tallest because of how high above sea level the base is


DowntownScore2773 t1_ja9ktxq wrote

There is a difference between tallest and height. Everest is the world’s highest mountain but not the tallest.


PuddleCrank t1_ja989ed wrote

No, it's the tallest because the air is the thinnest at the top.


herbw t1_ja8uyil wrote

Brilliant!! There is no such thing as absolute sea level. The sea levels in ports in Europe cannot be mostly all brought by 50% within 50 cm. to each other. And the Andes Mts. are still abuilding, too.


master_a_skywalker69 t1_ja8qi3q wrote

Isn’t that where the league of Assassins is from?


oceanduciel t1_ja9vn44 wrote

If there’s a pit of water under that mountain I’ll laugh so hard


No-Owl9201 t1_ja8q60g wrote

'Nanga Parbat' means 'Naked Mountain' in the Urdu language


The_Alien_redditor t1_ja9k2s7 wrote

"Parbat" is Sanskrit not Urdu. The Urdu/Hindi word is Pahar


memeMaster-28 t1_ja9lk5y wrote

Parbat is also a word in Urdu. But yeah, Pahar is the more commonly used one.

Source: am Urdu speaker.


kanys_lupis t1_jabe5jc wrote

Parbat and Pahar aree both in words in Urdu. In hindi and Bangla too with slight pronounciation differences.


brkh47 t1_ja95924 wrote

So Jamie Oliver is Nanga Bawarchi?


dplfk t1_jaf0ndv wrote

I must clarify that the term "Nanga Parbat" finds its roots in the Punjabi (ancient prakrit & Sansikrat) language. Additionally, it is important to note that Urdu is just Hindi which is heavily influenced by Persian, and thus has strong connections to both Hindi and Punjabi, which are both members of the Indo-European language family. These two languages share a rich history and a significant amount of common vocabulary


No-Owl9201 t1_jaf1h4w wrote

Thanks for this added context.
Nanga Parbat certainly a most beautiful looking mountain.


Phalanx808 t1_jaa9ssc wrote

In a similar time frame there will be a new Hawaiian island. Currently it's erupting under the sea and is called Lo'ihi


USS_Hornet t1_jaaj7gv wrote

The Hawaiian islands just keep moving off to the northeast as another island forms to the southwest due to plate movement.

You can trace the Yellowstone super-volcano's travels across Idaho and Wyoming in the same way.


vonvoltage t1_ja9xlfo wrote

Nanga Parbat is one of the mountains you should absolutely only attempt if you're a serious mountain climber. It's so much more difficult than everest.

People often say Everest is for the tourists, K2 is for the climbers, but that could also be applied to Nanga Parbat and some of the other 8 thousanders.


alexjaness t1_ja9eqvb wrote

I don't think this is going to happen. At some point, the bodies of all the people who die trying to climb Everest will start stacking up higher and higher. Eventually the summit will be a flag planted into some dipshit named Craig's skull.


drew8311 t1_jaaxo1e wrote

They die before the summit so contribute nothing to the height. If anything the weight of all the bodies will push the mountain further into the ground making it shorter


justk4y t1_ja99pcc wrote

!RemindMe 241000 years


Hibihibii t1_ja9rdh8 wrote

Wait, now I'm wondering, what was the tallest mountain before Everest (and not in the riddle way).


smeppel t1_ja9vng9 wrote

PAKISTAN #1 !!! 💪🏽💪🏽😎🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰


eco-evo t1_jaadrtm wrote

But with all the erosion happening due to human activity atop Everest, I’m going to put it at 231,000 years. I’ll wager a hearty handshake on it.


Re-AnImAt0r t1_jaayewq wrote

that's why I don't bother climbing Everest....


Antiquemooses t1_ja8kxzs wrote

what happens when the methane burp triggers a megaquake and changes the magnetic poles?


Nydelok t1_jaafnu2 wrote

!RemindMe 87,965,000 days


Nydelok t1_jaafwwd wrote

It… it just gave me the RemindMe bot message about this…

#have I time travelled


zuzg t1_ja8t7t8 wrote

The climax of this Battle of Giants is at least faster then the average DragonBall Fight.


kid_sleepy t1_ja9ok6o wrote

I been telling everyone this for years every chance I could get and no-one would beleive me… haha, see who’s laughing now!


yok347 t1_jaa20qb wrote

I’m eagerly awaiting the day. I’d expect every 24 hour news channel to have a running clock in the corner reminding us until so.


FearkTM t1_jaa3v66 wrote

Hope they make a movie of this.


Inflatable_Guru t1_jaadi6n wrote

This should provoke quite the tourist boom.


verusisrael t1_jaae091 wrote

we need to plant shit there now at the top that will confound and confuse the people a quarter million years from now


docbauies t1_jaafbkg wrote

This is the final straw. i'm not climbing Everest now because it's not going to be tallest in 241,000 years


objeteh t1_jaald0p wrote

Can’t wait


HHS2019 t1_jaap4yu wrote

Note to self: Climb this year so progeny have bragging rights.


SupaCrzySgt t1_jabfnj1 wrote

Unfortunately, no humans will be alive to see it


DickieBubble t1_ja8s2e2 wrote

I'm going to leave my wallet up there now, so that future climbers will think I climbed the world's tallest mountain.


Nairbfs79 t1_ja92o3q wrote

It won't matter because we will probably have cracked the Earth in half well before then.


Berlinexit t1_ja98riz wrote

will it be higher than Everest is now ?


DowntownScore2773 t1_ja9k9q9 wrote

There’s a big difference between tallest and highest mountain. Mount Everest is the highest mountain but not the tallest mountain in the world. Tallest measures from the base of the mountain to the peak. Highest measures the height of the peak. The tallest mountain in the world is Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Additionally, Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo is the mountain peak farthest from the earth’s core and closest to the sun due to the earth’s centrifugal bulge.


caalger t1_ja9orzc wrote

Totally planning a "Punked Everest" party!


oceanduciel t1_ja9vb7g wrote

Nanda Parbat is a real place oAo


manysounds t1_jaa7khf wrote

Barring anything unexpected… which is par for the course also.


ninjas_in_my_pants t1_jaafvwb wrote

And they laughed when I built my secret mountain lair there. Well who will be laughing in 241,000 years? HUH?


correnty t1_jaaghpg wrote

TIL mountains are growing


[deleted] t1_jaahozx wrote

So what you're saying is that Hermann Buhl was even further ahead of his time than anyone ever guessed?


iRecond0 t1_jaalcxd wrote

And I’m about 10 years after that Half Life 3 will release.


[deleted] t1_jaamw5r wrote

Camp reservations are already booked up 😔


Alex15can t1_jaasq51 wrote

Damn I can’t wait to see it.


ChickenMom90 t1_jaaxkfp wrote

Don't forget to invite me to the party when it happens. Love to celebrate this.


Harbenger t1_jaazxrn wrote

Well that's just around the corner folks!


blakNbold t1_jab1ynt wrote

Talk about patiently awaiting your turn.


6Seasons-And-A-Movie t1_jabhbps wrote

We gotta get more bodies on top of everest. If elected my main focus of running the office will be to direct all bodies in the surrounding 100 miles radius be stacked stop everest to maintain our title. Thank you for your donations and support, let's keep everest great.

-some hair brained republican who's dottering on dementia


14X8000m t1_jabhpde wrote

The 2nd image of Everest is Makalu, the 5th highest mountain in the world.


LipTrev t1_jabiz76 wrote

See kids? With hard work and the right attitude you can become whatever you want!


Wayne1946 t1_jabnwhu wrote

They grow up so quickly, don't they.


wotmate t1_jacj73m wrote

Not if the piles of frozen rubbish and dead bodies on Everest have anything to do with it


Wifdat t1_jaco1qw wrote

So should I go die near the top of it now to beat the rush?


TableGamer t1_jad8z0f wrote

I can’t wait. Literally.


SonicTemp1e t1_jadbl7s wrote

Climb it now for bragging rights later!


colonelsmoothie t1_ja98srj wrote

I was a Nanga fan before he got famous, tbh.


Quiverjones t1_ja991bq wrote

How many years will they be tied?


SetiSteve t1_ja9dhyn wrote

There is a difference between tallest and highest;)


ora00001 t1_ja9iaob wrote

Everest isn't the tallest mountain though right? It's the highest... But not the tallest?


COMiles t1_ja9pikk wrote

Chimborazo is over 2000 meters higher


Celestiicaa t1_jaae5j4 wrote

You think the earth is going to last that long?


DarkDuo t1_jaafpjp wrote

Earth will still be here long after all humans are dead, whether or not it will still be a habitable planet is still up in the air


[deleted] t1_jaah7so wrote

Nepal should nuke it


dplfk t1_jaf1eim wrote

Pakistan have nukes Nepal don’t


Stahl_Scharnhorst t1_jabn8k4 wrote

Above sea level. Possibly not taking into account farthest from the center of the Earth either. Lotta ways to measure these.


[deleted] t1_ja8o86g wrote

It’s in 240,000 years. I’m a scientist. Can’t disprove


SlothOfDoom t1_ja8qvze wrote

240,003.7. You need to stop rounding off important dates.


sleep-woof t1_ja8qzpc wrote

Maybe it will, maybe it won't


herbw t1_ja8voa7 wrote

But we will tend our gardens, and let the sillies have their play.


herbw t1_ja8ufpx wrote

The key is saying something which cannot be possibly tested, geologically.

Also, plate tectonics is complex systems of all those plates interacting . That's not possible to understand very well.

So writin such is like sayin today an asteroid in 25K yrs. will crash on the earth in a precise place and time of day. As Wittgenstein 100 years ago would say, "meaningless."


gchaudh2 t1_ja9qe8z wrote

It is located Pakistan Occupied/Administered Kashmir (PoK) or colloquially known as Azad Kashmir.


pak1947 t1_ja9wqwx wrote

It’s located in Gilgit Baltistan, which is part of Azad Kashmir and anything but “occupied”. I was there 2 weeks ago