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jocala t1_ja1ru8b wrote

Double it and give it to the next person


icwhatudidthr t1_ja0vf4m wrote

I can only think about poor Jerry.


monkeypox_69 t1_ja25wsz wrote

Beavers will try to plug running water sound even if there's no water.


TheOneWhoWas t1_ja3hdds wrote

So, you are telling me that this beaver dam is visible from space

Take that Great Wall!


bigfatfurrytexan t1_ja1awmr wrote

I'd bet that is miniscule compared to Paleo times.


413mopar t1_ja1zxr4 wrote

A guy walked in there. In summer . It would have been way easier in winter if the snow cover is not too deep. Walking thru unfrozen swamps and muskeg sucks . 16 km or 10 mile walk . Any decent jughound does that daily in winter in Canadian seismic operations.