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Eroe777 t1_ja24kv9 wrote

I counted 17 bridges across the Mississippi just in Minneapolis, leading either to another part of Minneapolis or to Saint Paul.


somethingisaskew t1_ja24s9h wrote

Yeah 132 feels way low.


Eroe777 t1_ja28im9 wrote

Not necessarily.

The Mississippi is very long, but there aren't very many built up areas along it's length. There are only four big metropolitan areas- Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Saint Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans- and the latter three combined don't have more than what I counted in Minneapolis alone. I'm not bored enough to count the whole length, but it wouldn't surprise me if half of those 132 bridges have at least one end in Minnesota. (I did count 32 just in the Twin Cities metropolitan area)


somethingisaskew t1_ja5ahyt wrote

I wonder if they got it by counting on Google maps or something? I know there are a ton around St. Louis including a foot traffic only bridge. Maybe whatever they looked at didn't show them all? Now I want to see all of the data but I don't want to do the work.


Eroe777 t1_ja5bzzy wrote

I counted on google maps. I saw a half dozen or so at St. Louis, fewer at Memphis and about the same at New Orleans. And I counted multiple span (separate bridges for each direction) freeway bridges as a single bridge.


somethingisaskew t1_ja5finr wrote

Maybe so. I guess crossing it farther south becomes quite daunting. I lived in a suburb of St Paul for awhile so I know what the river looks like there. It makes sense that more crossings would be near the headwaters.


Eroe777 t1_ja5lbig wrote

I live in the twin cities. The river here is a couple hundred yards across, so bridges are easy. I’ve crossed the river in Memphis and I swear it’s close to a half mile wide.


somethingisaskew t1_ja5q1n1 wrote

Yeah I lived in the twin cities and also in St Louis. But I have visited New Orleans and man is it a whole different river down at the delta.


Dhawk0923 t1_jab4v1x wrote

St. Louis has 7 if you include Chain of Rocks canal bridge above the city front. Chester Il. Cape Girardeau mo. Thebes RR bridge at Scott City Mo. 2 near cairo Il. Booths Point below caruthersville mo. 2 at Memphis, TN Helena, Ar Greenville, Ms Vicksburg, Ms St. Francisville LA (Audobon bridge? I cant remember the name) 2 at Baton Rouge LA Sunshine, Gramercy, Luling, Huey P Long, and G.N.O Bridges are all down in the 200ish mile stretch of river from Baton Rouge to the gulf.

Thats 26 by my count in the 1100ish miles from St. Louis to the gulf. I MIGHT have missed one or two in there somewhere that I'm just forgetting, but there must. E just a TON of bridges north of St. Louis. Which makes sense.


BayouMoose t1_ja260md wrote

When outside of the big cities the bridges are very few and far between. At least in the south.

Source: grew up 5 miles from the Mississippi


Eroe777 t1_ja28mho wrote

Even in the larger cities I didn't see many. St Louis, Memphis and New Orleans didn't seem to have any more combined than what I counted in Minneapolis alone.


BayouMoose t1_ja3ww5e wrote

Yeah the river gets pretty damn big down here.


beipphine t1_ja5fhar wrote

I counted 13 bridges across the Mississippi around Bemidji, a city of 15,000 in Minnesota.


Eroe777 t1_ja5l2or wrote

And that far north the river is like five feet wide. The width of the river definitely plays a role in the number of crossings. Get down to Memphis and it’s a loooooooong way across.


beipphine t1_ja8ndeb wrote

I've walked accross the entire mississippi, all 5 feet of it at itasca state park


Stoliana12 t1_ja232x7 wrote

And the Amazon River has zero.


[deleted] t1_ja26ol1 wrote



musicmatze t1_ja2rv2t wrote

And I crossed them all, as far as I can remember. Yukon is beautiful!


Neennars t1_ja468f4 wrote

This is just in! Remote areas have less human built structures! More at 5!