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RoChambeauxPDX t1_j8zjron wrote

Sure would be nice if we could evolve into a keystone species.


cutelyaware t1_j8zy3vb wrote

We play an important role in modifying our areas in ways that are beneficial to rats and pigeons.


Huge_Contribution_46 t1_j9061qn wrote

Raccoons and Corvids are the true champs of modern living. Coyotes too, live in cities undetected.


cutelyaware t1_j90fcb4 wrote

Not as successful in that way as rats and pigeons, but certainly more complex and photogenic. Peregrine falcons are doing increasingly well among our skyscraper cliffs preying on pigeons too. Humans are a force of nature.


ExceedingChunk t1_j93k80i wrote

And seagulls. Rats of the sky.


cutelyaware t1_j93pzlt wrote

Yes though seagulls are not very dependent upon us whereas the others are evolving to fit into our world.


saxywarrior t1_j907jvs wrote

The species beavers disrupted died or evolved. There are plenty of species humans are keystones for: dogs, cats, pigeons, rats, etc.. The problem is we definitely change the environment dramatically more than any other species and kill off way to many "competitors".


TheNightIsLost t1_j90keqv wrote

We are. Imagine what happens to urban animals if humans go extinct.


COSLEEP t1_j91wvmz wrote

Those little purse sized dogs are gonna lose their attitude pretty quickly


Urimanuri t1_j914wrf wrote

Natural selection will filter them all then