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bolanrox t1_j9kpp35 wrote

one theater during the covid lockdown still screened it weekly to an empty theatre to keep it going and showing support to everyone who called it home / family.


BranWafr t1_j9kvl9o wrote

That would be The Clinton Street Theater, which has been showing it non-stop for longer than any other theater in the country. It has been showing there since 1978. At one point there was a place in New York that had been showing it longer, but they moved locations at some point, so there was some question about if their run was unbroken or not. I also don't know if that theater showed it during lockdown. So, to my knowledge, Clinton Street is the longest running RHPS in the world.


m_s_phillips t1_j9like6 wrote

That's where I saw it for the first time when I was in college at the University of Portland in 1990.


Impstrong t1_j9mt6jd wrote

I was too afraid to go as someone who's never seen it when I visited in '15. But we were staying very close to the theater.


OkPhotograph7852 t1_j9lmwrz wrote

It has been playing once a week at a theater in Germany since 1974


BranWafr t1_j9lom5k wrote

It is surprisingly difficult to find reliable information on this statistic. I know that prior to Covid there were one or two theaters around the world that had been playing it longer, but without knowing the specific theater names, no way to see if they continued to play it during that time period. (Don't even know if they had shutdowns that would interrupt the streak)

Because of Covid shutdowns I am pretty confident in saying that Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon is the longest running uninterrupted streak in North America. Sounds like this theater in Germany might have them beat if they didn't have to shut down due to Covid, or they didn't move locations like the one theater in New York.

Any idea what the name of the theater is? I'd like to add it to my trove of useless RHPS trivia.


OkPhotograph7852 t1_j9lq10b wrote

It’s called Museum Lichtspiele in Munich. I stand corrected, they started playing it in June 1977 and held the world record for longest uninterrupted screening before Covid. Do not know if they still do.


BranWafr t1_j9lqx45 wrote

Looks like they shut down in March 2020 because of Covid. So, Clinton Street may now be the longest running streak unless someone else knows of another theater somewhere else that can beat them.


montanunion t1_j9o1vkv wrote

Btw, I can really recommend Museum Lichtspiele as a cinema. It's the oldest cinema of Munich (it was opened in 1910), always had a bit of a ~subcultural flair and it's really pretty. They often show movies in English.


PeriodicGolden t1_j9nvwpp wrote

I find discussions about what's "the oldest X" interesting since each place defines it in a way where they end up being the oldest. You see it with pubs as well. "This is the oldest pub in the city that's always been in the same place", "This is the oldest pub in the city that has been in continuous operation", "This is the oldest pub in the city that's remained in the same family"


tossinthisshit1 t1_j9lworo wrote

it will run for as long theaters exist. when nobody is showing movies in theaters anymore, someone will bring a projector and some paper to some old abandoned cinema and play the movie. and people will show up.


buckphifty150150 t1_j9n3tzz wrote

Y do they do that tho? Is it just to keep it alive? Was it a great movie? Did it ever get released outside of movie theaters?


Mr_TurkTurkelton t1_j9na1sm wrote

It was one of the first “cult classic” movies and was a regular for midnight showings at theaters. According to my folks, going to these midnight shows was the equivalent of Netflix and chill. The people who would go to those showings would see the movie enough that they memorized the lines, dress up like the characters then say the lines aloud with the movie; almost like a show within a show. Combine that with the theme of drag and makeup, it made parents mad/uncomfortable; cementing it in film lore for the rest of our years

Ironically it bombed initially and grew to become one of the most popular cult classic films ever. It stuck around long enough for it never really fade away and then suddenly become cool again—through multiple generations.


Little-Variation8268 t1_j9nujre wrote

Face it, the movie kinda sucked. Audience participation is where it's at. About 20 years ago, my gf at the time, we went to Blockbuster (remember those?) and rented a copy. We watched it, i practiced the lines, I learned when to throw what items at the screen, all that good stuff. After a few days of practice we went to the theater. If you didn't know the moves, it was very obvious. People referred to 1st timers as 'losing their virginity.' Being inside the theater and being part of the audience was a silly yet exhilarating experience. I've only done that once. It's nothing I look to do again, it was kinda her thing. But I am glad I did it once.


sooprvylyn t1_j9onr1u wrote

The movie doesnt suck. Its a bit campy, but its far from suck.


SweetNeo85 t1_j9pr25y wrote

It definitely has things about it that suck for a lot of audiences. For fans though, those things are just part of the charm.


BOHIFOBRE t1_j9l959u wrote

I'll forever be grateful that cellphones were not a thing when I played Rocky at our local theater back in the day.


tanj_redshirt t1_j9ksnsj wrote

I see you shiver with antici-


amilliamilliamilliam t1_j9kvd7n wrote

Say it!


Luteplayers t1_j9kw9cs wrote

Barry Bostwick is going to be at my local theater for a live version


bolanrox t1_j9l0iwv wrote

out of all of the cast besides Richard that is, Barry is the one who was really into the fans. Tim seemed more shocked than anything, and we know how Susan feels about it...


mandiefavor t1_j9n9to7 wrote

Pat Quinn (Magenta) always seemed pretty cool about it. She was at one of the conventions I was at and hung out with the fans a lot.


Jackleber t1_j9lao8v wrote

Do we?


almighty_smiley t1_j9ldn62 wrote

Sadly, yeah.

Susan's take is pretty reasonable; apparently the cast has yet to receive any royalties from the initial release, let alone the continuing trend of showing it in theatres. Considering how much of a subcultural phenomenon it remains to this day, I'd hold a pretty gnarly grudge too.

Tim was outright stalked by fans in the years following release and fought tooth and nail to move on to the point of similarly refusing to acknowledge it, though he's since mellowed out and recognized its status as a rite of passage of sorts.


starmartyr t1_j9lkz37 wrote

Curry did a cameo appearance in the TV remake which was a nice way to honor the original in a version that didn't need to be made.


esgrove2 t1_j9m3i1w wrote

She got a lot of fame from it. Which is the usual reason actors sign on for low paycheck projects. So she got exactly everything she could have hoped for from the movie. You can't renegotiate a contract retroactively if something takes off.


Jackleber t1_j9lhpux wrote

That's a shame. It was a Hallowe'en staple for me growing up and I'm sad to hear that. Thanks for the info.


paigezero t1_j9lw82v wrote

Do movie actors usually get royalties on top of their initial fee?


cornwallis105 t1_j9m1rgr wrote

Depends on the movie and the deal they negotiate. If you expect the movie to flop or even just do okay, it's usually better to just get your paycheck and be done with it.


CorgiMonsoon t1_j9oht64 wrote

Typically royalties and residuals come into play when a movie is shown on tv. To get box office money an actor would need to have gross points built into their contracts, which was not overly common back then, and definitely wouldn’t have been granted to a cast of mostly unknowns on a lower budget, niche project like RHPS.


DarwinsKoala t1_j9ko07q wrote

Lets all, do the Time Warp Again.....


Discount_Friendly t1_j9l9vxf wrote

It's just a jump to the left


MJN91075 t1_j9lef8c wrote



activelyresting t1_j9lh2x1 wrote

Put your hands on your hips


MJN91075 t1_j9lhfl4 wrote



paigezero t1_j9lw23i wrote

Crazy to me that the Time Warp was a massive crowd pleasing dance-along song at school discos and family events in the 80s and 90s and I had no idea where it came from.


DarwinsKoala t1_j9nqbvd wrote

Don't forget the many midnight movie shows that turned TRHPS into a cult favorite!!


Gabi_Social t1_j9kqqog wrote

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey…


douko t1_j9lomr4 wrote

It's true that there were dark storm clouds -


- heavy, black, and pendulous.


Gabi_Social t1_j9nqc81 wrote

We had the female narrator in Sheffield last month, it's the first time I've seen it live with a female narrator and she absolutely killed it, she was brilliant. She switched it to, "describe your labia"!


Regrettingly t1_j9kwrex wrote

How strange was it?


mothmanned t1_j9m2l9y wrote



ShutterBun t1_j9nzka6 wrote

This was the very first “riff” shouted at a screening of the film. Made by Sal Pyro. And the rest is history.


Interesting-Yak9639 t1_j9kw7gc wrote

Toucha toucha toucha toucha touch me! I want to be dirty. Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me, creature of the night.


A40 t1_j9kqo3r wrote

Certainly the movie I've seen in theatres most often.. maybe twenty times?


BranWafr t1_j9kvxam wrote

I lost count, but I'm pretty sure I'm in the 80s by now. I've been going for the past 35 years and there was a stretch in my 20s where I was there almost every weekend since one of my friends was in the cabaret.


ZanyDelaney t1_j9l5x1w wrote

As kids we loved the Australian soundtrack album and played it to death. We later got the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack too. Its version of Time Warp is much better and Sweet Transvestite is better too. With other tracks like Science Fiction and Touch A Touch Me, I prefer the Australian versions from that album.

Anyway when there was another stage tour of it in Australia (1984) mum took us kids to go see it alive on stage. It had Daniel Abineri as Frank N Furter and Stuart Wagstaff as the narrator. It was ace. The ushers were scary. We saw Ross and Pat Wilson walking down Bourke Street on our way to the theatre.

After that I saw the film on TV but admit I was disappointed as it wasn't the same as the stage show which I saw first. Later I saw the film again and enjoyed it more. The mid section feels a bit slow though.

In the 80s, at the stage show, audience members did not dress up in character. I saw it again in 1992 and that did not happen then either. The show is on the stage.


LittleAlienLost t1_j9l2qac wrote

It's screened every Saturday at The Loft in Tucson. Has been for years. They have a whole themed thing that they do at midnight on Saturday.


TheWingus t1_j9msbnb wrote

Man I went to a midnight live show of Rocky Horror drunk and partying. I ended up with a lipstick V on my forehead and making out with a guy before the show even started! They pulled the plug right before the big final numbers and the live-cast just finished the movie acapella and acascreena. Top 10 movies I’ve ever been to and I’d already seen the movie a dozen times before that night


Dull-Technology5504 t1_j9o0x9z wrote

Like you I had never seen this movie without being drunk or high until the past few years. I forget who has shown it on tv (without commercials. ) I can’t get my millennial children to watch it. Their loss.


tailspin1967 t1_j9kxgv4 wrote

It’s Astounding……


bolanrox t1_j9l0dyx wrote

time is fleeting....


FluidEmission t1_j9ko1l4 wrote

Something tells me it wont be playing in Florida anymore.


we_belong_dead t1_j9ksmpo wrote

This is a shame because the Florida RHPS scene used to be some of the best in the country.

edit: that's what I heard back when I played Brad about 30 years ago, so it's probably second-hand out-of-date bullshit.


RandoCalrissian11 t1_j9lkmq9 wrote

It plays all the time in Florida. Use to play every other weekend Friday and Saturday night at Universal Orlando’s theater until they switched companies. The new company didn’t want to continue.


jcd1974 t1_j9m662a wrote



TheAmericanQ t1_j9mj81g wrote

The movie is very gay and a lot of the shadow casts that act along with the movie at midnight showings have at least a few people in drag.

All of which are a big no no in Florida these days.


jcd1974 t1_j9mju5p wrote

Have you ever been to Key West?


TheAmericanQ t1_j9mphgy wrote

Yes. Quite a few times. Key West is in Florida but Key West isn’t Florida. The population who were accepting of such things is leaving and people who hate are moving in. I visit Florida regularly for work and to see family, the state has changed drastically over the last 10 years and that change is only accelerating.

It’s cyclical of course.


prontoon t1_j9oxk66 wrote

Orlando, Miami, all of the keys.... have you even been to the pan handle? I can see inland acting that way but florida is very gay.


TheAmericanQ t1_j9l9gl1 wrote

Went to a midnight screening at an old theater for the first time recently. I’ll probably be going again at least once this year. It’s a fun time


sillyandstrange t1_j9ktr40 wrote

I went on a trip to meet friends in PA back in 04 at a college. The first night we went with a bunch of people to see it in a theater on campus. It was awesome.


cgmcav t1_j9ma1io wrote

I'm 55 and I've never seen it. I'm not really a joiner inner


SlimRidge t1_j9mnlyu wrote

It's really bad. I will get downvoted, but I don't care: it's absolutely horrific.


Hungry_Treacle3376 t1_j9mudu8 wrote

Serious question. What makes a person see a post about something they don't like, and instead of just ignoring it they go into it and post a comment about how it's bad?


obscuredbyclouds- t1_j9mws5b wrote

this is a public discussion forum where people can freely express their opinions. his disagreement adds to the discussion.


SlimRidge t1_j9myykl wrote

Exactly. Thanks. People like it, I don't, we all comment--simple as that.


PinkSlipstitch t1_j9n09a2 wrote

>Serious question. What makes a person see a comment they don't like, and instead of just ignoring it they click on it and post a comment about how it's bad?

Lol they got so mad at my parody, they deleted their comment.

It won't let me reply anymore, but that's hilarious they blocked me for repeating what they said.

I guess [Unavailable] means you were blocked by the user.


prontoon t1_j9oxt4a wrote

They didnt delete it. They blocked you so it appears to be deleted.


jathor007 t1_j9nekcq wrote

I totally agree with you. I really don't see why so many people like it so much.


widdrjb t1_j9nverm wrote

We went to the live stage show when it ran in the West End. That was 1990.

The front rows were reserved for the fans in costume, and the whole audience were word perfect. Except for the people sitting next to us, a dozen or so tourists who had been booked in by their package operator. I stole a look during "Time Warp"; they looked like rabbits in front of an 18 wheeler.


demonardvark t1_j9kw73v wrote

that show traumatized me man.


drygnfyre t1_j9lco84 wrote

A theater near me used to show it every midnight on Friday-Sunday. I never had any clue what it was, or why it was always being shown.


BuccaneerRex t1_j9omoqh wrote

And we still don't know what happened to that guy's neck.


Niclopa t1_j9llwrr wrote

I worked at a discount movie theater in the late 90s that showed this every Friday(or maybe Saturday) and showed Shock Treatment weekly in October.

This is not my favorite movie. I can not sit through it today. Guess I did my part in keeping it running though.


ALEX7DX t1_j9m65q3 wrote

Such an amazing film. I was lucky enough to attend the Denton Affair show in London many years ago. I’d never seen the movie before so I had no clue what was going on. Best most interactive night I’ve ever had.


More_Ad_5291 t1_j9maxgb wrote

This is amazing! Love that generations have kept it alive.


AdvonKoulthar t1_j9mcij9 wrote

I’ve never seen it before, but finally got tickets to go later this year, I’m quite intrigued.


Krasker t1_j9na58j wrote

I’ve seen it maybe 20 times, I’ve never seen it in a theater. That means that I have sat down and watched this movie with zero additional commentary. No yelling, no throwing stuff, no inside jokes, just me and the dialog as written.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me but I just enjoy the movie as is.


HeySayNahAgainBrah t1_j9nqcpx wrote

Dated a girl who was into this. I stumbled across and got my network into live showings of “The Room” for a hot minute and met a girl on tinder during this excursion. I took her to the room, we had a good time- threw some cutlery, made fun of the breast cancer mom, whole nine.

Then she revealed this wasn’t her first time and invited me to a rocky horror picture show showing the next weekend. I was like- sure, hell yeah.

Went to pick her up that night and she was wearing a corset and leather pants with goth Harley Quinn-ish make up and she had the figure and features to make it all fucking work.

Please realize i was pushing 30 like a freight train and this stuff doesn’t happen to often in your adult life. I was soooo happy.

We went to the showing and she was full on- everyone knew her and she got up and did all the live theater parts- yelling weird shit and getting call backs from the aisle.

I was so into it. We went back to her place and had really intense passionate sex like 5 times and collapsed in each others arms as dawn crept into her basement apartment window.

I’d like to say she’s my wife now- but nah. We both ghosted each other after that. Because this is an actual real life story about a chick who’s into the rocky horror picture show and a guy who is into the room- and not a “and we’ve been married for 17 years” comment.


embuckley t1_j9offor wrote

i worked at a bar which was outside in a car park and they would do "drive in movies" you wouldnt drive in but as it was a car park we called it a drive in and we played RHPS on the screen and gave everyone goodybags with props, thats was a fun shift until i got told off for watching the film more than serving drinks hahahaha


Scarlet-Fire_77 t1_j9oheav wrote

We watched this in high-school I think psychology but class subject didn't really matter. Old hippie dude that was obsessed with that movie. Even made the class learn the Timewarp. He played a lot of movies. This, Hair and even Pink Floyd's The Wall (managed to get stoned before that class lol). He was an awesome man. One of those teachers that liked to push the rules. "What happens in Mr. K's class, stays in Mr. K's class" were pretty much his only rules.


dvdmaven t1_j9likkm wrote

When I lived in San Diego, Saturday night was Square Pan pizza and Rocky Horror. haven't seen it in decades, though.


Due_Platypus_3913 t1_j9m5v97 wrote

My mom was one of the first gen”Rocky Horror” nuts.Went to midnight showings every weekend from’76 till ‘79.I grew up on the soundtrack.Might get to sing”Sweet Transvestite” on a big live stage at Burning Man this year.Been to a riotously fun showing out there!🎶❤️


johnsgrove t1_j9mjdk9 wrote

What about ‘The Mousetrap’ St Martin’s Theatre London which is in its 69th year of production?


joelluber t1_j9my7d2 wrote

That's a play. This is a movie.


johnsgrove t1_j9np3n0 wrote

Oh yes I was forgetting that Americans call cinemas theatres.


joelluber t1_j9npyjs wrote

"Picture" and "in film history" wasn't enough?


johnsgrove t1_j9nqjok wrote

Obviously not 😊


joelluber t1_j9nqpul wrote

I think a lot of people don't know, but the stage musical is just "The Rocky Horror Show."


johnsgrove t1_j9nx2tm wrote

I’ll put my glasses on next time. It’s great show 👄


franktopus t1_j9mko4s wrote

Sorry but I've never understood the appeal of this movie or the culture behind it.


KristinnEs t1_j9nq4fp wrote

No problem, you don't have to 😎👍


franktopus t1_j9yp3ss wrote

I mean I'm bi and CD sometimes I just think the plot is dumb lmao


KristinnEs t1_j9z9xpj wrote

Thats fine :) Its just a movie that has some following.

Personally I love RHPS. It reminds me of when I watched it with friends over bad pizza. It reminds me of good times. It gives me nostalgia for things that I've never personally experienced. I love the music itself and I have seen the play a few times over my life. Sure the plot is dumb. Sure the characters make no sense. But to some people, me included, the movie distills a certain feeling that I like and delivers it perfectly.

I understand why someone wouldnt like it. And thats fine. I personally dont like lots of things other people like. We're all different. Just because you are bi, and CD dont tink that you "should" like it. I'm a cis white male, absolutely nothing remarkable about me.

Its just a movie :)


franktopus t1_j9zbdk9 wrote

Some of the songs are catchy but the characters act in no way normal people should and I GET THAT is the point but I guess they just did too good of a job? It's the same reason I don't watch the Office: they just did too good a job of making these characters annoy the piss out of me.


JeffRSmall t1_j9mlbgx wrote

I’m going to see it this Friday!


A_Fartful_Dodger t1_j9mzq3i wrote

So the print that’s shown is on lease from the distributor and box office proceeds are still going to them?


flemtone t1_j9nv0qx wrote

Went to see the live show in Edinburgh, was amazing!


Ronotrow2 t1_j9nwrsh wrote

My my my m m m m my, m m my my my my myyyyyy


Themightypissdragon t1_j9oi5ye wrote

Never seen the film on the big screen but the rocky horror stage show is amazing.


Son_of-Spam t1_j9oplom wrote

First time I watched RHPS an older gentleman asked if I didn’t mind he sit next to me. Next thing he gets up and screams “START THE FUCKING SHOW” and threw almost all of his loaf of bread at the screen. What an amazing experience.


godotnyc t1_j9owxnh wrote

Sadly, the man who probably singlehandedly did the most to make this a thing and keep it alive, Sal Piro, passed away last month.


Therealladyboneyard t1_j9pb28f wrote

I still remember being given a pirated version, and going to so many midnight shows!


BouncyDingo_7112 t1_j9plucc wrote

I saw it listed on the marquee of a small independently owned theater last month. I’m pretty sure they still play it regularly.


Sensitive-Sense-7022 t1_j9ppkpb wrote

Yup. Saw it at the Esquire in Cincinnati last Saturday night. It warms my heart that Gen Z is still continuing the tradition. Actually, with what we've learned recently about gender and sexuality, its a perfect fit.❤


mltv_98 t1_j9r4gpc wrote

Good old days down at the 8th street playhouse in NYC with Sal running the show. Can be seen in the movie Fame.


Little-Variation8268 t1_j9r5xxv wrote

The number of stars we choose to give this movie is irrelevant, the point I was going for was that audience participation makes it a much better experience.


Objective_Ad8428 t1_j9t16li wrote

People say they like it because they think they’re supposed to like it - especially today.


mofugginrob t1_j9lqq9u wrote

There's a theater by me that used to screen it back when I was in high school ~20 years ago, but the owner got busted for diddling the young high school girls that went to see it.

He somehow was able to start screening the movie again... But guess what happened again.

The theater was closed for a while after that, but now it has live shows by former stars like Lisa Lisa and Al B Sure.


Various-Bird-1844 t1_j9m1zmg wrote

Just Lisa Lisa? Or does Cult Jam show up too? Without the Jam, I have no interest. Like seeing Morris Day without the Time


ajegy t1_j9lby52 wrote

Absolutely Based.


bigboxes1 t1_j9mxa6z wrote

And it still sucks


FarradayL t1_j9njcfw wrote

I can still feel the disappointment I felt after watching this movie for the first time.