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Djinn42 t1_j9cul6t wrote

That's strange that customers had that reaction. It's still Lincoln either way.


GrandmaPoses t1_j9d41o0 wrote

“I ordered a photo of Abraham Lincoln, not some beardless goon!”


Cassius_Corodes t1_j9eqsm0 wrote

I think this is somewhat common with new technology. Some people just completely disconnect from common sense when some seemingly magical new tech is involved. They propably heard that the photo is like a completely accurate painting but since it clearly doesn't show the beard he now has, it's obviously a fraud and they want their money back.

It always reminds me of when Babbage was showing off his mechanical calculator and was asked if you could put in wrong numbers and still get the right result.


1945BestYear t1_j9f6t3w wrote

Or that story about a mother trying to send a pie to her son by telegraph. Because if a machine is able to send a letter instantly, why couldn't it send a parcel too?


Nappyheaded t1_j9fie8h wrote

And as we all know the parcel is too heavy to be carried by swallows


becoming_a_crone t1_j9glblz wrote

Or someone wanting to send a confidential message via fax machine, so they put it in an envelope and faxed it like that.


epochpenors t1_j9ddw46 wrote

If anything you’d think it would make the picture more valuable, considering they couldn’t take new ones of that style


bolanrox t1_j9g9z9k wrote

these days yes. espeically the one where Milton had fuck face written on the bottom of Lincolns hat