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Thecna2 t1_j9n2966 wrote

He joined the Nazis when he was 16, but left before the war started at the age of 24, eventually he was drafted. So I'm guessing he matured a bit and realised it was all a bit stupid. And the ban only lasted a few months until the revelation about hiding some Jews came out


Sdog1981 t1_j9ne01e wrote

Be left the party in 1937 2 years before the war started. So he must have been one of the few Germans that knew things were heading toward disaster.


HPmoni t1_j9q1fw4 wrote

It was a political party. Things changed.


Sdog1981 t1_j9q3h6b wrote

By the mid-1930s they had moved beyond being just a political party


adamcoe t1_j9qmbq5 wrote

Good thing that kind of stuff could never happen today, we really learned our lesson


Sdog1981 t1_j9qvgcz wrote

Riiight? We would never repeat past mistakes?


NYstate OP t1_j9q3624 wrote

Thank you I wish I could fit all of that into the title. But he seems like an all around good dude


Thecna2 t1_j9rfxf8 wrote

I mean, we're just guessing, he could have loved being a Nazi but didnt like the annual membership fees. I suspect though that he did have a change of heart, especially once he saw what was building up.