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Thecna2 t1_j9n2966 wrote

He joined the Nazis when he was 16, but left before the war started at the age of 24, eventually he was drafted. So I'm guessing he matured a bit and realised it was all a bit stupid. And the ban only lasted a few months until the revelation about hiding some Jews came out


Sdog1981 t1_j9ne01e wrote

Be left the party in 1937 2 years before the war started. So he must have been one of the few Germans that knew things were heading toward disaster.


HPmoni t1_j9q1fw4 wrote

It was a political party. Things changed.


Sdog1981 t1_j9q3h6b wrote

By the mid-1930s they had moved beyond being just a political party


adamcoe t1_j9qmbq5 wrote

Good thing that kind of stuff could never happen today, we really learned our lesson


Sdog1981 t1_j9qvgcz wrote

Riiight? We would never repeat past mistakes?


NYstate OP t1_j9q3624 wrote

Thank you I wish I could fit all of that into the title. But he seems like an all around good dude


Thecna2 t1_j9rfxf8 wrote

I mean, we're just guessing, he could have loved being a Nazi but didnt like the annual membership fees. I suspect though that he did have a change of heart, especially once he saw what was building up.


rapiertwit t1_j9mje0u wrote

No, I expect you to hide!


theartfulcodger t1_j9nkqbv wrote

Some might remember that in The Longest Day, Gert was the fat, mule-riding German soldier fetching water, who was knocked on his ass by the first salvo of the Allies’ naval bombardment at dawn on D-Day.

I worked with him on a children’s tv series, The Little Vampire; delightful man & a skilled vaudeville-style comedian.


reformed_colonial t1_j9nlsnj wrote

Came here to mention The Longest Day as well, and let us not forget Baron Bomburst!


walltowallgreens t1_j9mvuxv wrote

TIL At the end of Joe Dirt when Christopher Walken's character changes names again, the writers were referencing Goldfinger.


valeyard89 t1_j9nlvwq wrote

You're talking to me all wrong, it's the wrong tone.


StalkingRini t1_j9o9mx8 wrote

Do it again, I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron


scopeless t1_j9mvy1b wrote

This is the fake name of Christopher Walken’s character in Joe Dirt.


zincdeclercq t1_j9mcav0 wrote

That’s gotta be the most unfortunate name ever. It sounds like dude’s mom named him after a wacky alien sidekick on a cartoon.


schoolme_straying t1_j9mlbcn wrote

He was German - he was hardly going to be called Gerald Frobisher..

He was great too in Chitty Chitty bang bang.

I knew a German man called Dirk Harder. So you know Germans are different


DroolingIguana t1_j9mvmml wrote

I thought he was British, despite the accent.


res30stupid t1_j9nzyfu wrote

To be fair, the Bond films did a lot of post-production dubbing of all the actors, which can be pretty noticable in the first film Dr No because they used only a handful of actors for the voiced dialog.

All but two women who were important to the plot were voiced by the same woman and a few male voices were reused as well; you'll notice that when Bond and a roadworker are overlooking the crash site from when the Three Blind Mice tried to kill Bond, he's got the same voice as Quarrel.

This actually ended up fucking up a BBC show, actually. They cast Adolfo Celi due to his role in Thunderball, but they didn't know he was dubbed over by a voice-actor because his English was near-incomprehensible.


Greene_Mr t1_j9o0jya wrote

Actually, Quarrel's actor dubbed himself, since he lived in Europe and was able to -- Peter Hunt, the film's editor, confirmed it (and I've heard John Kitzmiller's voice in other films; it's him). But I'm pretty sure the roadworker was dubbed by Robert Rietty.

Robert Rietty dubbed almost every male side character in Dr. No; Nikki Van Der Zyl dubbed every female side character. Barbara Jeffords voiced Tatiana Romanova in From Russia with Love; Michael Collins voiced Goldfinger. And, yes, Rietty voiced Celi in Thunderball; he also dubbed Tetsuro Tamba in You Only Live Twice.


Double_Distribution8 t1_j9n9bh3 wrote

This is just like that guy (Ernie) who ran the morgue in "Return of the Living Dead". Turns out he was very likely an ex-Nazi, carried a Luger and even had the audacity to hang a poster of Eva Braun on his wall. He also listened to German music on his walkman, and even whispered in German as he watched the rain fall outside. And also (obviously) had a crematorium (ugh), and he sure seemed to enjoy his job.


Realistic_Truck t1_j9nnymv wrote

So that's where all the Nazi gold was hidden.


Gargomon251 t1_j9ocn9p wrote

Wait a minute why do I know someone named gertbfrobe or something like that? Like an artist or a YouTuber or something


[deleted] t1_j9mp30b wrote



PostNuclearWombat t1_j9mvdpw wrote

Most of us prefer not to assume that random Jewish people will lie about the holocaust for monetary gain