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tokhar t1_ja2qo38 wrote

But the second to dive under Camilla‘s skirts.


VirtualMoneyLover t1_ja3bcig wrote

He was also the first wanting to be a tampon.


ObeyCoffeeDrinkSatan t1_ja4ylxu wrote

Should've visited Ireland and scuba'd off the coast of Muff, so he could be the first Prince who muff dived.


Handpaper t1_ja46tk3 wrote

Also has parachutists wings.

He was appointed Colonel-in-chief of the Parachute Regiment in 1977, and insisted on qualifying. He said that he could not wear the Regiment's famous maroon beret and wings, or "look [the men] in the eye" until he had done so.


cme884 t1_ja4diqz wrote

It’s still weird to see “King Charles,” more so when the title had to specify that the event in question happened when he was a prince. Of course he was a prince; he was a prince until just last year!


Landlubber77 t1_ja2vpnc wrote

Self Contained Underwater Breathing Authoritarian


trentsim t1_ja3oam4 wrote

Authoritarian of what?


Landlubber77 t1_ja3ooxw wrote

Because of the monarchy. It was a King joke.


trentsim t1_ja3r60e wrote

All good, I was just pointing out it isn't an authoritarian office anymore, powers significanty diminished and so forth


Landlubber77 t1_ja41ko5 wrote

I gotcha, but my comment was clearly a joke. Being a pedant is annoying under normal circumstances, doing so in response to what was very clearly a facetious jocular comment is moreso. But it's all good, it was sorta forced to begin with, tried coming up with a better one but I'm not that clever.


CorrosiveBackspin t1_ja4vwip wrote

He only dove deep underwater because he wanted PRIVACEH!


t3chiman t1_ja57xbm wrote

In Resolute Bay, the average high daily temperature in April is 0F.

Charles did a tough dive.


scotty-doesnt_know t1_ja3aeqe wrote

Cant believe they still have a monarchy. take all the royal property, assign it a gov owned historical property, keep it open to the public so they can pay to see it, and the gov and people can still get their royal revenue. And this way you wont have royals spending tax payer money.


Brilliant_Jewel1924 t1_ja3d6h2 wrote

It costs each taxpayer a whopping 1.29 pounds ($1.48) per person a year to “fund” the monarchy. I think it’s going to be okay. 😒


ST616 t1_ja5gx33 wrote

£1.29 per person means over £86,000,000 per year. It's not the biggest waste of public money, but it's still over 86 million going to one random family with no benefit to the rest of us.


scotty-doesnt_know t1_ja3e0cm wrote

that is still lit millions. which could be put to better use and public programs.


dirkdiggler2011 t1_ja473rm wrote

The British royal family generates millions of pounds worth of tourism for the United Kingdom each year. It is estimated the monarchy’s contributes £2.5 billion to the British economy each year.

Yes, it costs money but the return is huge.

Edit - The facts actually disprove your "reality". How problematic.


jervoise t1_ja4rej1 wrote

Whilst I don’t mind the monarchy, France also generates loads in tourism, without the expenditure for a royal family.


dirkdiggler2011 t1_ja4sl86 wrote

True but should the British abandon fish and chips because France has great pastry?


ST616 t1_ja5fvb4 wrote

The tourists that come to see Buckingham Palace won't stop coming just because the family that lives there moves out. They generate literally nothing to the economy.


froodydoody t1_ja76dsq wrote

If the UK government got their hands on the crown estate it’d be sold off to some Russian/Chinese/Arab billionaire tosser within a year.

It may seem somewhat ironic to you, but being out of the hands of the government is a net positive for the people of the UK. Because the crown effectively has to justify its own existence, it in turn has a vested interest in keeping its holdings, stopping them from being asset stripped by foreigners.

I’m not against the idea of an elected head of state, but only in the situation that the crown continues to exist as a wholly separate entity from the government.


VanAgain t1_ja2ptuu wrote

The royal family engage in all sorts of risky behaviors in order to seek the approval of the masses.


Potatoswatter t1_ja2qblr wrote

Most young men do this kind of thing given the choice.


VanAgain t1_ja2rg8k wrote

Most young men do this kind of thing given alcohol. The type of front line military experience the royals endure would not appeal to "most young men." Check local enlistment stats.


Potatoswatter t1_ja2sabs wrote

The article says almost nothing about this expedition except that it was a “collaboration” with a doctor. It sounds more like a holiday with a friend than anything military.