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wolf8808 t1_j8rk9a4 wrote

Not really great to be honest. I once did the mistake of biting into both the cashew apple and the cover of the cashew seed (big no no), my gums started bleeding. That stuff is nasty.


[deleted] t1_j8rs7i3 wrote

Aren't raw cashews like poison?


unusedusername3 t1_j8s1x5b wrote


weaselmaster t1_j8soygl wrote

OMG - who wrote this? An excellent snippet:

“The raw cashews are then roasted at high heat, either by steaming them in a large rotating drum or vat of boiling oil to remove urushiol remnants before they can be shelled, thoroughly dried, and peeled.”

So, they’re ROASTED by STEAMING them in BOILING OIL.


Santuse t1_j8ss1cf wrote

Wow, what a dog shit sentence. Makes me weary of AI continuing to takeover content creation and creating a giant web of self-referencing garbage. That has to be a computer...


1nquiringMinds t1_j8stccs wrote


Wary, or leery. Weary means tired.


greendart t1_j8tp52b wrote

weary still plays in this context. It can be used as a verb as well as an adjective, in this case to indicate the op is tired of AI creating content


loskaos t1_j8s7gn0 wrote

its sweet and very refreshing to eat with salt. The liquid will stain your clothes, so dont wear anything fancy!


FormalRaccoon637 t1_j8s8ahb wrote

Delicious! I grew up eating this since my grandpa was a farmer. It’s juicy and sweet. There’s even an alcoholic drink made from the cashew apple.


happyklam t1_j8secj1 wrote

When I went on a tour in Belize they said it makes a great wine that re-ferments in your stomach so you get drunk twice. Pretty wild concept and surprised it's not sold/produced much outside of Central America.


loskaos t1_j8skbes wrote

its spoils too fast, cant be exported.


Dr_Weirdo t1_j8syv9i wrote

Is the alcoholic drink like a cider or more like wine?


FormalRaccoon637 t1_j8t1bta wrote

It’s a triple distilled spirit (45% abv)

ETA: I think it’s called Feni. I tasted it once at my dad’s friend’s wedding. It was sweet-ish, kinda like Malibu.


Excellent_Taste4941 t1_j8srbqo wrote

It is one of the few fruits that taste basic as in the opposite of acidic


copypaasta t1_j8thdxk wrote

Thanks for clarifying it lol. I was gonna come down hard on ya since I have fond childhood memories of munching on freshly picked cashew apples.


To_a_Green_Thought t1_j8s0az9 wrote

I used to live in Central America, and they make a drink out of the juice. It kinda cashew? Not that great, honestly, and I was allergic to it, so it wasn't a good experience.


loskaos t1_j8sk7qz wrote

The Juice is just disgusting, the smell and that feeling it leaves in your throat ugh. I think if someone has the chance to try the fruit they could like it, but its never going to be something that you will ever miss.


drottkvaett t1_j8sohm3 wrote

It’s about as sweet as a watermelon and has a tropical taste. If you’ve had Five Alive, it tastes almost like that. The juice is great with cachaça or vodka and a little salt. Just make sure it’s ripe.


camshas t1_j8rhhkb wrote

Like a cashew and an apple had sex and came in your mouth