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poclee OP t1_j9ip4q1 wrote

According to wiki, the first game in 1199 used a bag of gold instead of a giant ball. The game is famous (or infamous) for its brutality among the competition, as you can see in the footage from this year's game.


whynot246810 t1_j9ipps6 wrote

Damn, they take that "game" way too seriously.


WarrenPuff_It t1_j9j4tq5 wrote

This is kinda how rugby/football became a thing. But with way more deaths.


KypDurron t1_j9k046a wrote

Wait, which one are you saying has more deaths


WarrenPuff_It t1_j9k4xoj wrote

Rugby/football. Not this local ball game.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j9lotbz wrote

On account of rugby being played more.


irredentistdecency t1_j9m9av3 wrote

Too be fair, rugby does have a penalty for excessively stomping on another player…


The_Duc_Lord t1_j9mdg8n wrote

Yeah, but the refs can't see whats happening at the bottom of a ruck. I've still got tag marks from 25 years ago.


[deleted] t1_j9nouiy wrote



The_Duc_Lord t1_j9npjzk wrote

Sorry mate, I realise now that it read like I was, but I wasn't complaining and I have nothing but the utmost respect for rugby refs (Sorry Sir!). Many a boot has contacted raw flesh in rucks and mauls and I probably gave a few good tag marks too. It's just part of the game.


c_c_c__combobreaker t1_j9it7wc wrote

This is like The Purge. They beat the shit out of each other for 2 hours and then just go about their day afterwards.


pencilrain99 t1_j9jdu75 wrote

> No killing

Health and safety gone mad


maxj_795 t1_j9jmzyc wrote

similar to ashbourne shrovetide which was held yesterday


monkeypox_69 t1_j9j89b9 wrote

No killing but you can main people I assume..


galacticwonderer t1_j9kykuu wrote

Not anywhere near as violent but this reminds me of that Japanese cultural tradition(?) where one team protect a pole with somebody on top of it and the other team tries to take them down at all costs.


Voodoocookie t1_j9jh7rs wrote

Bring a pitchfork. Poke people's butts to make room.


iconiccallum t1_j9lsobi wrote

They also chuck coins at children to start the game


PalmBreezy t1_j9n3frp wrote

I didn't see any kids playing in the vids I've seen


Usernamenotta t1_j9itt03 wrote

Hmm, I see nowhere that the use of grenades, shotguns or katanas would be prohibited, so I guess that's a sport for me.


hambluegar_sammwich t1_j9k05on wrote

So a soccer ball. Take the limey talk back to Piccadilly Circus innit?


Cpt_Woody420 t1_j9lezzx wrote

Did you miss the part where Atherstone is a town in England?


Foreign-Complaint130 t1_j9losm8 wrote

If you've got a problem with English words being used to describe English people doing English things in England, maybe you should learn another language 🤷‍♂️