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A40 t1_j9kln73 wrote

Sam Spade frowned as he lit his cigarette in the building entrance hall. He grimaced as he settled his roscoe securely into his shoulder holster and scowled as he bent to strap on his new skis... He hated snow.


JuzoItami t1_j9lgrli wrote

Sam Spade was confused. "What am I doing in Los Angeles in the late 1940s?" he asked himself. "I'm a San Francisco based literary character from the late '20s and early '30s, if I start cross country skiing around L.A. I'm just going to get myself lost".

So Spade unstrapped his skis and went inside. He poured himself two fingers of rye, sat down, put his feet up, took a drink, grimaced, and then looked down into his glass and mused "I could definitely afford to buy better booze if I had a shiny new silver dime for every two bit Redditor that confused me with Phillip Marlowe."


A40 t1_j9lj62t wrote

(I didn't use Marlowe because of the current movie. My bad ;-)


JuzoItami t1_j9ljtuv wrote

What you wrote was great. I was just messing with you.
And I didn't realize that movie was out already.


drygnfyre t1_j9ldg88 wrote

28 F might be the lowest official temperature for the city proper, but many parts associated with the city (like the SF Valley) can get colder than that. About a decade ago it hit 20 F in the western part of the valley, and it snowed for the first time since the 70s or so.

Of course, I've done winters in Alaska so 20 F is a heat wave as far as I'm concerned.


ironwolf56 t1_j9l6747 wrote

Or as we call that in Maine "a typical Wednesday in January."


eairy t1_j9lk5gc wrote

That's -2°C in non-freedom units.


SoggyFridge t1_j9mvlzz wrote



eairy t1_j9mxqrc wrote



StaceyLuvsChad t1_j9n3usn wrote

He's saying Californians are wimps for not being able to handle the temperature. But it's like no shit, normal temps in LA during winter is like 40-60f and their only weather events are rain and earthquakes.


PMD16 t1_j9nekts wrote

All these “that’s not real cold!” schmucks have never lived in LA.

None of the houses here have any kind of real insulation. This cold snap coming through this weekend is going to be very nasty, very cold, and very expensive for a lot of people. Nat gas prices were already sky high.

I expect to see stories of hypothermia from the homeless and someone dying of carbon monoxide poison trying to hear their house with the stove because the heat doesn’t work


invol713 t1_j9kgsh6 wrote

28? Casuals! It’s less than that outside, and it’s just a random-ass Wednesday.


ffnnhhw t1_j9kmbl1 wrote

But we go all the way to 110


Look_to_the_Stars t1_j9l8k4e wrote

So does a lot of the Midwest.

I’ve seen both -20°F (-50°F wind chill) and 105°F (with close to 95% humidity) in the same city in Michigan in my lifetime.


ahtoxa1183 t1_j9l9qfn wrote

Front range of the Rockies is like that almost every year, just nowhere near as humid.


pspahn t1_j9my229 wrote

The humidity gets trapped inside the giant flying balls of ice.


[deleted] t1_j9kpwlu wrote



THE_GR8_MIKE t1_j9kspra wrote

I hate that song. Sundays are arguably the worst day, solely due to Monday starting off the 40 hours of soul crushing corporate nonsense that a lot of us have to do.


invol713 t1_j9ku0d6 wrote

Only 40 hours? Oh, you sweet summer child.


THE_GR8_MIKE t1_j9kxeel wrote

No, I was a summer child was when I was actually working 40+hr blue collar nonsense for shit pay and over shit hours.

Now I work ~20 hours a week, but get paid for 40. I already put in my time as a sweet summer child lol and never knew how much I'd be okay with a 9-5.


molotovzav t1_j9ko0yi wrote

They're like 305' (ft.)elevation. With that kind of elevation I would never expect it to get really cold. I'm in Vegas and we're like 2kft and our lows are about 20-30F. I always think of LA as way warmer in winter and I know I'm not even living in a cold area. It's the summer that will get you in LA, well not me, but all you snow bird types.


smapdiagesix t1_j9kwhm2 wrote

> They're like 305' (ft.)elevation. With that kind of elevation I would never expect it to get really cold.

Metro Buffalo sits at about 600'. Around Christmas I had snowdrifts over my 6' fence.


ironwolf56 t1_j9l6f66 wrote

I live in a town that's approximately sea level. We routinely get below zero temps in the winter.


metsurf t1_j9mwujr wrote

There is a blizzard warning tonight for parts of LA county over 4000 feet elevation


CodeVirus t1_j9luvrv wrote

Laughing in Canadian.


LimpingOne t1_j9mmb9c wrote

My father, who died at 92, mentioned that snowstorm more than once. He made snowmen.


GoAheadMakeMySplay t1_j9nrzfv wrote

Nobody's going to ask how it is that 2 feet of snow fell but not a single one of the photographs show more than 2 inches?


shakeyjake t1_j9n4tyc wrote

I got two feet of snow last night. Happens every few years. My back hurts.


zhemer86 t1_j9nhguf wrote

Maybe 6 years ago I was working in Pasadena and it started snowing. It didn’t stick but it was definitely a site to see.


perspectivecheck2022 t1_j9rnniz wrote

LOL @ -28 n 24"

Coldest I have walked in= -83F most snow=38" once experienced 72 degree change in 24hr all 3 in Alberta.


legoshi_loyalty t1_j9p6q7r wrote

Boo-freaking-hoo. It's literally 20 degrees outside my home right now.