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rockmsedrik t1_j7lnoor wrote

Blue LEDs have replaced amber tone activity lights in most electronics, and the disturbance to sleep patterns is evident in everyone’s behaviors globally. I have to tape over nearly every LED on every piece of electronics to tone it down enough. Otherwise it illuminates an entire area if the lights are turned off.

Blue LEDs are the scourge to sleep.


TrumpterOFyvie t1_j7loq1p wrote

Just get a nice pillowy sleep mask. Absolute pitch black heaven.


rockmsedrik t1_j7lp6ee wrote

If you wake up to go to the bathroom, sleep disturbed. Gotta turn off and black out those blue lights. Sleep masks are nice, but only helps while you have it on.


leoleosuper t1_j7niqac wrote

Learn how to go to the bathroom without sight. Helps a lot.


rockmsedrik t1_j7njjtm wrote

Ah yes, the touch-n-feel method, I too have stubbed my toe a few too many times!


RockItGuyDC t1_j7mnjkg wrote

I understand that it's not always possible for everyone, but this is exactly why I have zero electronics in my bedroom (aside from my phone charging on my bedside table, but that doesn't have an always on LED).

That plus blackout curtains have really improved my sleep!


rockmsedrik t1_j7n1326 wrote

Agreed, best to have forms of RF away from sleep spaces, current situation has a single room for both work and sleep, so black out curtness, sound absorbing wall blankets, and blacking out all BLUE LED's on things. Even the RED LEDs on power strips are too bright now. Have to tape over them as well.

Thankful to Lévoit Air purifiers for having the option to TURN OFF the LED panel. Also thankful to Govee humidifier for having a "LED panel brightness, and schedule on and off" settings.

More electronics need to think about the brightness in dark rooms. Light pollution is a ongoing battle.


zed857 t1_j7m37rh wrote

Connect that stuff to a power strip with an on/off switch and turn the whole lot off when you go to bed. Apart from your phone charger it's not like you'll be using those other electronics when you're sleeping.


rockmsedrik t1_j7mhh8p wrote

For the few of us that lack a separate office for our equipment, some of us need to live in one room, I use my computers to render video, and to render 3-D projects while I sleep, it’s crazy that I have to black out all the LEDs just to keep them quiet.