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Castod28183 t1_j92w8qp wrote

>It should be noted that Harris was technically the second woman drafted into the NBA. The first was Denise Long, a phenom in her own right who in 1969 was drafted by the Golden State Warriors straight out of Iowa’s Union-Whitten High School when she was just 19 years old.
>A 5-foot-11 forward, Long consistently scored over 100 points in individual high school games and specialized at shooting the deep ball in an era where the 3-point line did not even exist yet. However, NBA Commissioner Walter Kennedy vetoed Long’s selection because the NBA did not allow women or players straight from high school to be drafted.


Sdog1981 t1_j943yvi wrote

They didn’t allow any high school players back then. Spencer Haywood had to sue the NBA for the right to play. The case Haywood v. National Basketball Association went to the Supreme Court.


[deleted] t1_j94tihb wrote

Kinda wild tbh. Is it because the degree isn't actually required? Seems odd a company would be forced to change a policy like that.


Sdog1981 t1_j94txjd wrote

I think it was a misguided way of protecting college basketball. In their view they could protect themselves by picking bad players if they spend more time playing college basketball before their first pro contract.


[deleted] t1_j94u6s8 wrote

It's still odd to me that the supreme Court would rule in favor of the player in this case. It would seem companies can make up pretty much any requirements for a position they want as long as it's not discriminatory by law. It's just rather interesting, I wonder if it was a matter of the franchise that drafted him having the ability to set their own requirements.


Sdog1981 t1_j94ub2w wrote

The NBA settled before it was argued. So I think they knew they were going to loose.


AssociateFlashy4216 t1_j98jd0x wrote

Its collusion when all the teams agree not to select high schoolers. To me its interesting that the Court now allows the NBA teams to collude and force one year of college or G-league on players.


UncommonHouseSpider t1_j98wtrc wrote

There is a lot of money and power tied to college basketball. It is big business and they were protecting their interests by keeping good players from skipping right into the big leagues. It's not right, but that's what people with money and power do.


Sdog1981 t1_j98x54i wrote

It’s funny to think of college basketball having more power than the NBA in the 60s and 70s but it was true


garlicbreadmemesplz t1_j95k0yx wrote

Was this before or after he cutoff his penis. No but Haywood was crucial to helping the league move forward.


Toorelad t1_j936z7l wrote

Imagine being that kid growing up.

"I could have been the first woman in the NBA, but I gave it all up for you you little bastard, and this is how you repay me?"

"Fine, I'll do the dishes."

"And you'll clean your room!"


andreasdagen t1_j95j7pj wrote

Would this be considered as abusive in the US?


ButchyBanana t1_j95kgxk wrote

I think blaming your child for your decision to give birth to them should be considered abusive everywhere


andreasdagen t1_j95m9cj wrote

I think that too, which is why im asking


i_am_herculoid t1_j9672qc wrote

I don't think you fully explained why you were asking


NudeEnjoyer t1_j96mydn wrote

yes it'd be abusive if it was said in a serious manner. but in this case it's presented as a joke, as well as being a hypothetical conversation that never took place


andreasdagen t1_j96pqoc wrote

>in this case it's presented as a joke, as well as being a hypothetical conversation that never took place

well yea


Darealvvaldeezee t1_j92krsj wrote

Wow, who knows what would have happened if she hadn't had to turn them down?


Matthew_C1314 t1_j93zr1t wrote

This was during a time when the nba draft had several more rounds than today. Often teams just drafted whoever, because those people would never play. For example Bruce Jenner was drafted even though he hadn’t played since high school. It’s a big reason they dropped it down to 2 rounds. Even in the modern nba, the talent pools is severely diluted after the first 10 picks.


Igottherunsbad t1_j94t7ry wrote

They really only do two rounds? I mean the NHL is the same way (probably just the top 5 are really worth a shit - though obviously you can get lucky with a later pick that happens to pan out) but they still do 9 rounds I believe


girhen t1_j94yua5 wrote

Seven rounds - first three are most important. And 14 players from 2018s 4th or worse rounds have seen at least 1 game.

It is more of a gamble, but some players actually pan out later than others, and late picks often include Russians who might not even come over.


2ByteTheDecker t1_j95srdc wrote

There are more players on a hockey team than basketball.


hambluegar_sammwich t1_j9fpjk4 wrote

17 vs 23, and two of those 17 are 2-way players that are only kinda halfway on the team.


2ByteTheDecker t1_j9fprhs wrote

And most teams will only play 10-17 if the game is already out of reach (garbage time). There aren't multiple lines of players who actually get time/provide any particular value.


SlashStar t1_j94pxnz wrote

Just FYI, it is typically considered polite to use a trans person's current name, even when talking about a past event when they went by a previous name. Have a great day.


Look_to_the_Stars t1_j94t9s9 wrote

No, that makes no sense. Clarity and reason trump politeness in this case.


Desolecontra OP t1_j92ptjr wrote

Can I be honest with you?


TurkeySandwich007 t1_j92rec3 wrote

Oh boy


Desolecontra OP t1_j92s47k wrote

Lol. But There’s a reason there is a higher population of women in America and nobody watches the wnba. For genetic reasons, men are better at basketball and more fun to watch playing the sport than women. That’s all. She would’ve been terrible


Maverick_Walker t1_j92sbbt wrote

Facts. Just in the men’s though, she probably would have excelled in the women’s


Desolecontra OP t1_j92t4xu wrote

☝️ that part. I should’ve made that more clear.


Igottherunsbad t1_j94tfcd wrote

Or maybe just move on next time lol. Yeah people like mens basketball more. Personally I find both mens and womens basketball to be boring as shit. Who cares. Either way I want to blow my brains out after 20 seconds of sneakers squeaking.


Desolecontra OP t1_j94314u wrote

What about this statement isn’t true? Why so many downvotes?


TurkeySandwich007 t1_j94cp2t wrote

That’s why I said oh boy, no matter the logic behind your statement I knew it wasn’t gonna be received well.

If you’d said she’d be good in the NBA you’d probably be wrong. If you’d said she’d be bad, you’d be perceived as sexist. There was no way to win here.


Desolecontra OP t1_j94gpuy wrote

I know I know. I’m not sexist at all. Just being honest. But I get it.


armpitchoochoo t1_j94lusz wrote

The first step in being the best anti-sexist that you can be is to accept that you are, in fact, sexist. We all are to some degree, no way we could grow up in a sexist society without absorbing some of it


RoyalSloth t1_j94m62a wrote

I mean saying that genetics is why MBB is “more fun to watch” is just wrong, whether or not something’s fun to someone is mostly due to personal taste and social influences

But I think the overarching reason is just adding stuff that was completely unnecessary to add, like “over half the population is women but no one watches the WNBA!” makes it seem like you wanted to talk about women being weaker than men more than actually answering the question that was asked


Desolecontra OP t1_j94mh0j wrote

I can see your point. Wasn’t my intention I promise.I was just honestly responding to a previous comment


GenerallyAwfulHuman t1_j94ln5g wrote

No can dunk, but good fundamentals. That more fun to watch.


whatweshouldcallyou t1_j95mens wrote

The WNBA has some amazing shooters, including possibly the best free throw shooter in the world (among men or women).

But anyone who thinks a WNBA player could make the NBA simply does not understand basketball.


HeyVe1 t1_j94hxd6 wrote

Imagine they would put the NBA and the wnba together. How many women would play?


temujin64 t1_j93no1a wrote

Exactly. For example, women at the peak age for marathon times would be about as good a man in his late 50s.

She just wouldn't have the stamina, speed and power of even the worst make NBA players.


[deleted] t1_j94hcow wrote



Igottherunsbad t1_j94tmym wrote

Because you ain’t exactly blowing anyones mind my guy

You’re one of those people that talk just to talk aren’t you? Do you have an inner monologue? (Genuine question as I learned not too long ago that most people don’t actually have inner monologues which actually did blow my mind)


Darealvvaldeezee t1_j936ri1 wrote

Lol it's okay, I can imagine the horrible reality of it for myself!


KingOnixTheThird t1_j94gtrc wrote

She would have gotten demolished if she tried out for an NBA team. No disrespect to her, and her skills, but NBA level men are on a whole different level physically.

At 5 ft 11, she would be too short to play the forward position, something she was known for in women's basketball, which means she would likely have to play a guard, which she likely wasn't quick enough for.

Her only shot to compete with the men was if she developed into a one-dimensional 3 point specialist where her only sole purpose was to get open for catch and shoot 3 pointers. Unfortunately for her at 5 ft 11, it would be harder for her to jump over taller men without getting her shot blocked.


whatweshouldcallyou t1_j95m8gb wrote

She would not have played a second in the NBA.

There is no WNBA player who could make an NBA team. Or a D1 college team. D2 would be questionable.

That's not to say they aren't skilled, great athletes--theu are. But it is a different game and they can not compete against professional male players.


e_keown t1_j9460xb wrote

I learned about her because her son was a coach at my daughter's junior high last year.


Diamondsfullofclubs t1_j95gu9i wrote

Did you ask him how he felt about ruining one of the only female NBA players' careers?


e_keown t1_j95st6u wrote

He is the size of an NFL Lineman, I was not going to say anything about his mom.


Landlubber77 t1_j939m9l wrote

She had to have an episiotomy during childbirth, or as she put it, going hard in the taint.


drygnfyre t1_j97hrwq wrote

As far as I know, most professional leagues (MLB, NFL, NHL) do not actually ban women from being drafted and playing. I don't even know if the NBA disallows it, even though the WNBA is well established.


LargestCriminalFine t1_j98w223 wrote

Why do women complain about being paid less if they're allowed in the NBA ??


BiggsBounds t1_j92l22v wrote

Wonder why they blacked out her jersey.


cluttersky t1_j92ls4x wrote

The Kansas City Kings (now in Sacramento) drafted Caitlyn Jenner. She was called Bruce Jenner then.


Igottherunsbad t1_j94u7p5 wrote

Kinda weird this is downvoted. Not sure if off topic or the TERFs saw it


Fondren_Richmond t1_j93j4eq wrote

she would have been beaten, like in literal fist fights


Fin747 t1_j93ntdr wrote

Thanks for your contribution in reminding us violence against women is still very real in our world. Sometimes it's easy to forget but then rarely we can spot a random guy reminding us that men could in fact beat up women in our world. And today you are that guy, congratulations and thank you so much for your wisdom.


Fondren_Richmond t1_j93pgoo wrote

>rarely we can spot a random guy reminding us that men could in fact beat up women in our world. And today you are that guy

It's a reminder that violence between players was very real in NBA games in the '70s, when Harris was drafted; and well into the '80s and early '90s.


Igottherunsbad t1_j94tztg wrote

What NBA were you watching? I was mostly a hockey fan and just the idea of basketball players fighting is hilarious


peter_the_panda t1_j95la5u wrote

Probably the basketball in the 80's and 90's like he said. Fighting in the NBA was never at hockey levels, but in that era it was very much real


Fondren_Richmond t1_j95wuye wrote

The kind where Kermit Washington broke Rudy Tomjanovich's face and the latter was out for a year. There were fights all over the place and all kinds of violent and hard fouls that were never called.