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ebikr t1_j9piar5 wrote

Sounds rather pedestrian.


NewCanadianMTurker t1_j9pjo46 wrote

"The rules were simple – essentially, contestants were required to walk in circles for six days in a row, until they had completed laps equivalent to at least 450 miles (724km)."

So spectators would go to watch people walking around in circles for 6 days? I can see why people lost interest in it.


monkeypox_69 t1_j9r4j0l wrote

Nothing manlier than speed walking.


HPmoni t1_j9px1vz wrote

Stay away from children!


SapientSausage t1_j9s2fs3 wrote

They used to drink and take dangerous chemicals too


Zarkalarkdarkwingd t1_j9spfh8 wrote

As much as I’d like to say it’s an English made up sport. That no one else wants to say, as a kid or an adult ,I’ll race walk you to that tree , never happened you must always have a foot on the ground because you are going to fast if you leap and bound keep at least one foot on the earth because it’s most natural.


A_Fartful_Dodger t1_j9t9042 wrote

Im having trouble imagining a drearier sport.


AlleKeskitason t1_j9xpv57 wrote

Racewalking is gruesome, from what I've heard. If you are lucky, you "just" throw up and probably shit yourself.