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YouDontWinFrnzWSalad t1_j9in0hw wrote

Someone somewhere is going to try getting high on millipedes now


chahlie t1_j9jq9gn wrote

I was disappointed when I learned you couldn't actually hallucinate from licking toads


jellyvish t1_j9iociu wrote

new tiktok challenge?


Khontis t1_j9jblfb wrote

Real life yinglets.


DepthC t1_j9mjtmc wrote

And while Elon Musk made an electric car, lemurs MADAGASCAR


Rkozlow t1_j9istbe wrote

Lemurs, the crackheads of nature.


greenearrow t1_j9jxi1b wrote

My old boss was in the woods showing some ecotourists around and was describing this, and about how half the red millipedes are poisonous (covering their exoskeleton), and the half aren't. She said this as she picked one up to show the group. They asked how she knew the one she picked up wasn't, and she said "I didn't" and then showed them the redness the poison was causing on her hands. She didn't eat it, so it wasn't going to be a real problem, and she'd been in the rainforest enough to know what was going to cause her long term problems and what wasn't.


-LemurH- t1_j9kq3vv wrote

Personally I've always had a preference for centipedes.


Bearded_Pip t1_j9mqyhy wrote

And Lemur drug dealers cut the millipedes with centipedes.


nathanielhaven t1_j9nevps wrote

Oh thank god! And here I thought I was the only one


nathanielhaven t1_j9neycu wrote

I find that they tickle my nostrils when I snort them.


Fine-Caterpillar-313 t1_j9to1ge wrote

If you've ever seen a lemur this is not that wild new. They look like crack heads


badonkadonk279 t1_j9walwq wrote

where does one find a millipede… asking for a friend


hatersaurusrex t1_j9ioawz wrote

Dear Abby, me and my friend were gonna to go the mall and check out some camel toads millepedes