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lun4d0r4 t1_j7rk83n wrote

Interesting read. I can genuinely admit to having been in every single one of these stages at one point or another. And yeah I have self destructed hard in order to punish someone else also.

God humans are stupid.


femmestem t1_j7rpfch wrote

I love good food. Whenever someone gets under my skin, I do a quick internet search for food served in prison. It keeps me on the straight and narrow.


Swingonthechandelier t1_j7rnfrp wrote

Same here. Oftentimes i am enlightened and wise, other times i view mutually assured destruction as an acceptable alternative to defeat. Its very situation specific with me


bellendhunter t1_j7s39ev wrote

You should have a read of The Chimp Paradox, it really helps with understanding of a lot of human behaviour.


ChingasoCheese t1_j7s8kkr wrote

You might like a 5 minute video called Robbers Cave conflict experiment.