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lun4d0r4 t1_j7rk83n wrote

Interesting read. I can genuinely admit to having been in every single one of these stages at one point or another. And yeah I have self destructed hard in order to punish someone else also.

God humans are stupid.


femmestem t1_j7rpfch wrote

I love good food. Whenever someone gets under my skin, I do a quick internet search for food served in prison. It keeps me on the straight and narrow.


Swingonthechandelier t1_j7rnfrp wrote

Same here. Oftentimes i am enlightened and wise, other times i view mutually assured destruction as an acceptable alternative to defeat. Its very situation specific with me


bellendhunter t1_j7s39ev wrote

You should have a read of The Chimp Paradox, it really helps with understanding of a lot of human behaviour.


ChingasoCheese t1_j7s8kkr wrote

You might like a 5 minute video called Robbers Cave conflict experiment.


insertcaffeine t1_j7s95en wrote

I try my best to be a peaceful person who comes up with win-win solutions.

I desperately want my obnoxious and condescending coworker to lose face anyway.


lod001 t1_j7rogq1 wrote

Wait a minute...where is win-win-win!?!? I want to win also for successfully moderating a conflict!


halfbrow1 t1_j7sawfn wrote

It's interesting to read this while being in conflict at work. It escalated to stage 3 for no apparent reason, and I retreated into stage 4. Some people who have come to my defense have escalated to stage 5 and 6 in how they talk, which is interesting to see with this chart.

I'm hoping we can manage this with mediation still. We'll see.


retupmocomputer t1_j7splui wrote

“But now we shall both surely drown”, said the frog.

“lol” said the scorpion, “lmao.”


Darth_Brooks_II t1_j7svh6y wrote

Ant Man is already at the "I don't have to beat you, we just both need to lose" stage.


RedSonGamble t1_j7rm8uy wrote

I want to win and the solution is to harm the other person as much as I can


[deleted] t1_j7wgg4m wrote

If you are ready to go to the “together into the abyss” stage right away can you prevent others from risking a conflict with you.


Bunnycakes62 t1_j7t9unp wrote

"Many different kinds of conflict can be thus analysed: divorces, conflicts between colleagues and school children, and also conflicts between states."

Lol I read that as colleagues having a conflict with school children.


Affectionate-Hair602 t1_j7uahq2 wrote

If I'm reading this right, I'd put the Republicans and Democrats at stage 6 hurtling towards stage 7.

And that puts them beyond any path to resolution but intercession, intermediation, arbitration, court action or forcible intervention

As there's really no one to do intercession, intermediation, arbitration or court action (at least not anyone perceived as a neutral party) we're staring at forcible intervention as a country.

One could argue that the SCOTUS was designed to do court action, but as they are already on one side that'd be out the window.