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RedSonGamble t1_j7rm46z wrote

It is funny how at least here whatever it is in a tea bag is called tea. Mint tea. Herbal tea. Sleepy tea. Regardless of if it has tea leaves in it.

But then idk what you would call it. Bag of mint leaves in boiled water


dethblud t1_j7rt2zf wrote

When there's no tea in it, you've got a tisane or an infusion.


RedSonGamble t1_j7rzfhn wrote

Ahhh. But then I sound all fancy being like I’m having some mint infusion. Although even in this comment it has grown on me


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j7s3zom wrote

Dethblud is correct. It is a tisane. Not a tea.


RedSonGamble t1_j7suw2k wrote

Yeah I didn’t say they were wrong? lol my ahhh was in new knowledge being learned


Ryengu t1_j7srrnc wrote

Hot leaf juice


RedSonGamble t1_j7sur5n wrote

I like this the most out of the choices I’ve been given


omar1993 t1_j7v9tz5 wrote

How can a member of my family say something so horrible!?


LunarPayload t1_j7sze8g wrote

Tisane is the old word, rarely used these days. Herbal "tea" and sometimes infusions are the terms used more often, now


gibgerbabymummy t1_j7ykrnw wrote

I'm British but my teen ask for a hot salad water in the morning..