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DistortoiseLP t1_ja5ev2j wrote

I don't wanna learn I'm gonna die in six months from SHART.


Doctor_Expendable t1_ja61f7a wrote

I swear half of the work on technology like this is just making the name into a good acronym.


sadrice t1_ja61sjy wrote

Or making a good acronym into a technology.

“So, for our next project, I want to make SHART.”

“What does it do?”

“Uh, something with weird poop noises. Maybe cancer? Cancer research always gets funding…”

Six months later

“Holy shit! It worked!”


Over30curmudgeon t1_ja6jom8 wrote

Fun fact: When it’s purposely engineered to fit an existing word, it’s called a bacronym.


almighty_smiley t1_ja8cdwm wrote

"Yes, this potentially life-saving device is called the SHART and what in the Hippocratic fuck are you gonna do about it?"


Lyraxiana t1_ja8shtu wrote

Knowing people who work for NASA, I can tell you this is an absolute fact.


semi-nerd61 t1_ja50z3k wrote

They missed a good chance to call it Fecal Acoustic Reproduction Testing, or FART.


AnotherLurkerino t1_ja56c0i wrote

I feel like S.H.A.R.T has more... substance to it


DistortoiseLP t1_ja5faed wrote

It's also truer to the dreadful speculation of the result of a cancer screening. It's either going to be okay or ruin your day.


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_ja61qy3 wrote

That acronym already exists, First Amendment Repression Tort took first place in the naming contest.

But instead they use SLAPP, which took runner-up.


WhenTardigradesFly t1_ja68g24 wrote

jokes aside, the headline on this post vastly overstates the current state of the research.


ecafsub t1_ja7uywd wrote

In the US, one can shit in a bucket and send it in. The company is ColoGuard. It’s an alternative to colonoscopy but the drawback is a colonoscopy is every 10 years while the poop-bucket is annual.


WhenTardigradesFly t1_ja7wp6p wrote

cologuard uses a chemical analysis of the stool sample, unrelated to the acoustic testing this post refers to


Schmantikor t1_ja81sac wrote

Well what do you expect from people who come up with SHART?


Boojibs t1_ja54cm3 wrote

Didn't the Beach Boys do an album called Poop Sounds?


creggieb t1_ja614q7 wrote

Maybe that inspired the bloodhound gang to do the track "Diarrhea runs in the family"


BrokenEye3 t1_ja55xng wrote

Classy, science, real classy


Sneewichen t1_ja7e5qo wrote

I can’t believe this shit 🙄


Whitworth t1_ja6eelk wrote

Now this is a TIL


Qurdlo t1_ja6l2og wrote

I hope they post some examples I wanna diagnose myself but my insurance doesn't cover SHART.


derektwerd t1_ja71t35 wrote

Nope, no way, not a chance. I am not falling for this one. This can’t be real. This is a wind up. Nope


Vitaminpk t1_ja81qck wrote

I thought this was to detect cholera.


TigreBSO t1_ja6ir3z wrote

We need more TIL like this. Good job OP.


NerdyJerdy20 t1_ja7f2v6 wrote

I feel like they tried too hard with that acronym. It doesn’t really accurately describe the procedure (i.e., why is “synthetic” and “reproduction” in it?)


chockychockster OP t1_ja7md6v wrote

They're poop scientists - trying too hard is part of the discipline.


PetePensieve t1_ja7i4pt wrote

Sandy Lyle : "Reuben, I'm in a situation here. We have to leave now."

Reuben Feffer : "No. Can we stay a couple more minutes?"

Sandy Lyle : "Dude, no. This is serious. I just sharted."

Reuben Feffer :"I don't know what that means."

Sandy Lyle : "I tried to fart and a little shit came out. I just sharted. Now let's go."

Reuben Feffer : "You're the most disgusting person I've ever met in my life."

Rest in peace, Philip-Seymour Hoffman.


jrrybock t1_ja7uqgn wrote

But, I thought if it was silent is when it was deadly.