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Doctor_Expendable t1_ja61f7a wrote

I swear half of the work on technology like this is just making the name into a good acronym.


sadrice t1_ja61sjy wrote

Or making a good acronym into a technology.

“So, for our next project, I want to make SHART.”

“What does it do?”

“Uh, something with weird poop noises. Maybe cancer? Cancer research always gets funding…”

Six months later

“Holy shit! It worked!”


Over30curmudgeon t1_ja6jom8 wrote

Fun fact: When it’s purposely engineered to fit an existing word, it’s called a bacronym.


almighty_smiley t1_ja8cdwm wrote

"Yes, this potentially life-saving device is called the SHART and what in the Hippocratic fuck are you gonna do about it?"


Lyraxiana t1_ja8shtu wrote

Knowing people who work for NASA, I can tell you this is an absolute fact.