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cabalavatar t1_jdxhsll wrote

Weird how where I am in Canada, the recycling depots won't even take your bottles if they have caps on them. I have to throw the caps away. FML.


washington_jefferson t1_jdzbpyy wrote

It’s the same in the US. People are advised to not return plastic bottles with the cap on.


RevRagnarok t1_je1vygu wrote

Odd; my 2L soda bottles literally have a recycle symbol on the cap saying "Recycle with cap on."


Djinjja-Ninja t1_jdzomqb wrote

It used to be the same here in the UK. Recycling advice was to always sperate the cap from the bottle, as while the caps are made from a recyclable plastic, often they don't have the facility to recycle it.

And as its made from a different plastic to the bottle if you leave it attached then it makes the bottle much more difficult to process.

You'd hope that this is no longer a problem...


Carighan t1_jdzrmh3 wrote

Here in the EU it's the opposite, even before this being forced via attachment-strips, virtually all containers said "Please put the cap back on before recycling".


JustinianusI t1_jdznejd wrote

Do you have to remove the ring bit holding the cap on initially? Surely that's the same plastic?


Ravenclaw79 t1_jdzwieg wrote

That was my first thought — you can recycle those?


Wooba99 t1_jdzxl7l wrote

Same here in Queensland Australia.


Alib902 t1_jdzzete wrote

That's weird, we have an NGO in my country that takes them and for every 100kg of caps (maybe more not sure of the exact numbers) they give a wheel chair for someone in need.


WrenchesRUs t1_je03u1x wrote

Shit we made near the same comment. I just added that they won't take cans if they're crushed either.

We save ours up and return them all at once. I had my poor Toyota Tercel stacked the ceiling everywhere but the drivers seat, and the floors and trunk full of bags too, made like 50 bucks lol


SparkySailor t1_jdyw5p2 wrote

Some of them stopped doing that because the bottle depots bitched about the amount of caps dropped in their parking lots