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Robbotlove t1_je4s3d0 wrote

that's a dinosaur.


dicky_seamus_614 t1_je4vn7i wrote

Really if these Raptor-bastards were people size, they’d rule this planet!

Turn a mouse loose in a chicken coop pen some time and watch the carnage


ravennesejaguar OP t1_je4xn8n wrote

apparently they were bred from fighting cocks in the 1980s ... so there's a potential to evolve them further (insert intense Dr. Ian Malcolm stare)


SometimesILieToo t1_je59vuj wrote

They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.


LorenzoStomp t1_je95x1u wrote

Well, they'd still have chicken smarts. But if they bred fast you probably would keep your yard free of cover and not take your trash out unarmed.


Brodellsky t1_je7hw81 wrote

Literally. My local museum has a chicken in the dinosaur exhibit even.