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Archberdmans t1_je1ejvz wrote

Wow he found a commercial pressure fryer made for frying chicken and used it for its advertised purpose. Impressive.


rageharles t1_je3j724 wrote

and even worse, they somehow were allowed to use the slogan 'we didn't invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich' which is demonstrably untrue circa at LEAST 60 years prior to the Truett's 'invention' of the sandwich in 1961. the chicken sandwich had been sold in restaurants at least as early as the turn of the century, where it becomes harder to find publicly available, searchable newspaper clippings online. undoubtedly, the existence of the chicken sandwich (hell, even a hot chicken sandwich with buttered buns, or whatever they try to claim is their 'proprietary' recipe) dated back much further than 1900.


dontshoot4301 t1_je5hran wrote

Literally every corporate story reads like a web of lies. They’re all just fortuitous retelling of made up stories by the founders who believe themselves to be something other than what they are: lucky and persistent.


JetScootr t1_je0qo57 wrote

This reads like an advertisement. Chick fil a is famous for its religiousity and forcing employees to obey their reigious rules as much as law allows.


zachzsg t1_jecgw1y wrote

> forcing employees to obey their reigious rules as much as law allows.

You say this like the employees don’t like working there or are forced to work there. Literally anyone applying for a job at a business that is very obviously religious, and then getting butthurt that they’re religious is a complete and total idiot. And if by “forcing employees to obey their religious rules” such as not having to work on sundays, than sure. The hate boner for chick fil a on this subreddit has always been funny


drfunk4848 t1_je1her7 wrote

Source please


Frankenstein_Monster t1_je29l0b wrote's%20not%20required%20that%20all,and%20publicly%20espouse%20Christian%20values.

Read it or don't I don't care but it took 30 seconds of googling to find. A troll asks for a source with no plans of verifying, a concerned citizens takes the 5 minutes to Google and educate themselves on the issues at hand, we both know which you are.


adamcoe t1_je1ujks wrote

Just visit one. Oh, but not on sunday


drfunk4848 t1_je1uq6x wrote

What does that have to do with anything?


adamcoe t1_je1w2mm wrote

It has to do with you knowing full well what everyone here is talking about and pretending like you just walked out of the woods and don't know what chick fil a is despite showing up on purpose to comment on it. It's tired, boring, and unimaginative. Like you!

Anyway hope you're enjoying yourself, I won't be responding anymore and I hope others will follow my lead. Later troll


gk99 t1_je2pbnr wrote

I mean, everyone knows what Chik Fil A is, but I don't really think it's famous for its controversies? Like, I'm not going over there and saying "oh this sandwich is ass but at least they hate the gays." That's not really a viable business model nor a stance I fundamentally agree with in the slightest.

In my experience, Chik Fil A has an annoyingly superior level of food consistency and customer service than a lot of other fast food chains, and are quite prolific to boot, at least in my region. Employees never seem like they hate their lives versus when I visit somewhere like Burger King, the ordering process has been super streamlined, the loyalty system is pretty good, etc.

They'd probably still be my favorite chicken restaurant if I wasn't bitter about the pointless LGBT hate.


Lecterr t1_je3cr6e wrote

I mean chik fil a is a restaurant, not a religious institution. It’s leadership and employees lean to the Christian side, and that side obviously leans towards some ignorant beliefs (though most are not offensive to anything but logic), but to imply that it defines the restaurant seems kind of ridiculous, given how successful they are.


TechInventor t1_je3vpc7 wrote

I worked in multiple stores across multiple years - they don't just lean Christian. The stores, the owners, and most management are deeply religious in my experience. I was pressured to go to Dave Ramsey classes, go to church, pray at every meeting, etc.

Not saying it is an evil place, most of the people I worked with were the kind to practice what they preach and aren't hateful people. But don't fool yourself into thinking the individual restaurants aren't as religious as the brand as a whole.


ericdag t1_je3m7wj wrote

They use their profits to promote hate. F them


drfunk4848 t1_je1wdky wrote

I love how everybody gets so frustrated and has to resort to personal attacks whenever you ask for proof of anything that they say.

They call you every name in the book, and do everything except provide proof of what they say is correct.


spisHjerner t1_je1z51k wrote

Nobody called you anything other than "troll." I can see you like the attention though so I'll stop engaging, troll.


rraattbbooyy t1_je0s098 wrote

F*ck Dan Cathy.

When I want a chicken sandwich, I go to Popeyes. All of the flavor, none of the bigotry.


JimmyDeanSausage t1_je26rx1 wrote

Personal feelings aside, Popeye's chicken strips are all breading, no chicken. Also, their customer service is garbage.


running_on_empty t1_je2gi3m wrote

To be fair, deep fried breading is fucking delicious. Delicious, delicious trash food.


Sks44 t1_je50vp1 wrote

I dig the crunchiness of Popeyes strips. Of the fast food fried chicken places, I think Popeyes is the best when done well. The issue I’ve found is most Popeyes are beyond scattershot when it comes to quality.


rraattbbooyy t1_je29vss wrote

I’ve never tried their strips, but I know their sandwich is delicious.


dontshoot4301 t1_je5hyh5 wrote

I never got the love for Chick-fil-A, it’s mediocre, soggy chicken that takes around 30 minutes if you’re eating during lunch or dinner hour…


ftwtidder t1_je1ipdh wrote

S Truett Cathy started cooking chicken at his struggling restaurant after Delta Airlines rejected a shipment of boneless chicken and the supplier sold it to him for pennies.


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Cheetahs_never_win t1_je1x6b6 wrote

Since then, the fryers have only improved, since fast food burgers don't cook chicken very quickly.

But yeah, fuck Chick-fil-A.


StPatrick174 t1_je2dxbr wrote

Chick-fil-A is awesome and there's a reason drive through lines are always double stacked.

Downvote me all you want, I know how reddit works, but I'm sure the emergency workers and those waiting to donate blood appreciated Chick-fil-A opening on a Sunday to serve the Pulse Nightclub across the street.


NanditoPapa t1_je4o7ex wrote

I'm glad, in that one instance, they were good to gay people. It doesn't make up for them as a national corporation donating to restrict the rights of gay people every day before and after. Not all franchisees agree with the corporate stance, but unfortunately they have to take the good with the bad.


NemeanMiniLion t1_je1928b wrote

I don't understand the obsession with this brand. Mediocre food at best.


JoeyWilcoXXX t1_je1ata7 wrote

It really is just meh. I decided to give them a one time try just to see what all of the hubub was about since I’d seen plenty of my fellow gays simping hard for them. I was as openminded to the sandwich as the company should be about the lgbqt and I just didn’t get it. It’s not bad but it’s not very good especially not good enough to abandon my values and respect for my fellow man over it.


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adamcoe t1_je1voqs wrote

Overrated, boring chicken. Popeye's, Mary Brown's, hell even KFC before those lame bigots and their mediocre chicken. The In-N-Out of chicken. Though INO is much more passive with their religious fervour, and from what I gather, treat their employees much better.


wisstinks4 t1_je2r1v8 wrote

8 yrs to figure that out? That seems like a long time. Yes?


jesset60819 t1_je1tbcl wrote

I’ll get a chicken sando without a side of hate from literally anywhere else before I go to chick fil a


seamustheseagull t1_je52uqu wrote

Fun fact for Americans; the name is basically meaningless in other English-speaking countries.

Outside of the US, "Fillet" is pronounced phonetically, so the "fil-A" in the company name is just nonsense sounds. In some regions, it wouldn't even be "fillay" it would be "fill-ah".


OptimusSublime t1_je0rph8 wrote

Wow, they licensed their mediocrity and religious fanaticism way back then? Huh.


uofwi92 t1_je2aotw wrote

Fuck Chick Fil A.

I’m very proud that I have never had a single gram of their food in my mouth ever.


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uofwi92 t1_je31ogz wrote

I'm missing nothing. Popeye's Chicken is far superior in every way.

AND they're not Christian fundamentalist assholes.


[deleted] t1_je3ajxi wrote

Lmao you’d read through this thread & think that chickfila is not immensely popular. this stupid app and the stupid gen pop opinions on it are so wildly divorced from real life.


TrumpterOFyvie t1_je0x7p1 wrote

Right wing religious bigot nut jobs, fuck them and their chicken.


Stunning-Disaster952 t1_je2cnpg wrote

Go tell the double row of cars waiting for the phenomenal service and consistently good food they provide.