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BananaDilemma t1_jdn3jpy wrote

I suppose it's not the worst way to go but damn that's insane.


mahmoudhanine9t7 t1_jdn4wga wrote

Yeah, dying in a tunnel filled with smoke from a stalled train is definitely a step up from getting hit by a meteorite.


Beheska t1_jdohcfn wrote

I'd rather be hit by a meteorite than suffocate.


Tutorbin76 t1_jdqexgr wrote

That's actually a fascinating/terrifying quirk of human physiology - unless there's CO2 present then so long as you're breathing you have no idea you're suffocating. You just start to feel a bit sleepy and uncoordinated, then doze off and never wake up.


wes00mertes t1_jdndcl1 wrote

You hear “500 die in Train Disaster” and you expect something more gruesome.


GhostBurger12 t1_jdo3244 wrote

It's such a large number, it would require a 100% train derailment / a whole bridge collapsing if it wasn't asphyxiation.


Johannes_P t1_jdor73g wrote

Even today, there's still people dying from CO poisoning because of ill-aired rooms, so don't forget to properly maintain your heating and aerate it.


Rubinev t1_jdpccr6 wrote

And buy a carbon monoxide detector!