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Fleegle1834 t1_je5tpgo wrote

Makes a lot of sense when you look back on Speed’s look and car.


bboyneko OP t1_je5y0sb wrote

I was watching "Viva Las Vegas" on a plane trip recently and when I watched the end race, including Elvis' girlfriend getting in a helicopter to follow the race, and the crazy wrecks and car explosions, as well as the design of the cars and Elvis' helmet and goggles, I was like "Wait a second, this is literally speed racer." Then I did some research and saw that this was a huge inspiration for Speed Racer, as was the gadgets in James Bond's cars of films of that time period.


dysfunctionalpress t1_je5s60i wrote

i remember running home from school to catch speed racer, in the days before vcrs were a thing.


kozmonyet t1_je6525h wrote

I still have a crush on Trixie.


Fatfreddyscat67 t1_je94g19 wrote

So Elvis is responsible for ruining animation for every other person that was born before the year 2000.