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DaveOJ12 t1_janrqt2 wrote

Here's video of the Nokia ringtone going off at a concert, while the violinist plays off on it.


bolanrox t1_jao34jo wrote

makes you wonder almost if it was intentional? like Yelling Freebird at a Blue man Group show.


Singaya t1_japap9t wrote

No reason to get all conspiracy-theory here, in those days the Nokia ringtone was everywhere. Dude probably did that a million times before, this time it was during a performance. So what.


DelcoScum t1_janqh15 wrote

I rocked this as my ringtone for awhile for my work phone. When it would go off in public I would always get a nod of approval or two


TheCloudFestival t1_jao17s2 wrote

However, the motif from the original piece lacks the final note included on the Nokia tone, which makes it rather jarring to listen to.


mantolwen OP t1_jao1a4i wrote

Yes it works fine in the piece but not on its own.


TheCloudFestival t1_jao2ffj wrote

I'd argue that it doesn't work well in the piece. Every other motif and phrase in the song is definitive, clearly ending on the final beat of the bar, but for whatever reason Tarrega left that one motif, and only that motif in the whole piece, to trail off into nothing. It just seems a strange decision in my mind, and rather frustrating to listen to, despite it otherwise being a rather wonderful piece of guitar music.

Ah well, horses for courses and all that!


coarsing_batch t1_jaqx09m wrote

So the reason that changed is because in the Nokia tune, you need to hear the end of the phrase. Whereas this one is transitioning into the following phrase in the actual song. So it doesn’t need to resolve as much as the ringtone does. That’s my ELI5 about why that happens. Also I was with op when she found this out and it was really awesome.


sloppybro t1_jaorcw6 wrote

Crazy that ringtones are over 100 years old


NeoPossum t1_janu9z4 wrote

It's been used as a jazz standard as well.


lambdapaul t1_jawcbwa wrote

My favorite use of this ring tone is from Jurassic Park 3 when the spinosaurus eats the GPS phone and it always forewarns of its coming.