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Brimstone-n-Treacle t1_jdzw100 wrote

Raised her standards after being in such an awful movie. When I say "awful," I mean "so awful that it's good."


GodCanSuckMyDick69 t1_je2gb5k wrote

Arguably the original “so bad it’s good” movie.


OcotilloWells t1_je3qxk4 wrote

I dunno, it is kind of in the so bad, it's still bad category to be honest. I will admit it's hard not to watch, like a train wreck.


BrokenEye3 t1_je3iz4v wrote

It's honestly difficult to fathom just how clueless Ed Wood would've had to have been


WESLEY1877 t1_jdzyg4d wrote

This got me, man; gonna sit down and watch "Ed Wood" later today come Hell or High Water-


RealisticDelusions77 t1_je0f4tq wrote

Future movie viewings, such as this, may affect you in the future.

LPT: Watch Ed Wood right before, it will make Plan 9 better.


ZanyDelaney t1_je2aq8n wrote

Joanna Lee's Plan 9 character Tanna was cool and fun.

Her writing careers seems to have been successful with scripts for high level productions and awards.


BrokenEye3 t1_je3l4d8 wrote

Yeah, it wasn't in the script or the direction, but Tanna is definitely thinking about betraying Eros. And Eros is definitely delusional.


Arrantsky t1_je09jks wrote

I love when the men who say women are dumb really are dumb.


RetroMetroShow t1_jdzv70g wrote

When you let the stink wash off and don’t look back