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machina99 t1_je029j5 wrote


that_baddest_dude t1_je0uxyz wrote

Zeus getting around so much could also be a retcon. See Hercules.


Animeninja2020 t1_je2bev9 wrote

So if someone is worshipped in Ancient Greece, you could just claim that Zeus was the daddy.

That is a great loophole for the priesthood to use.

"No, he was not a normal name, he was the son of Zeus"


Weysting t1_je2r0xi wrote

need that pic of the astronaut meme

“wait they’re all sons of zeus ?”

points gun

“always have been”


Repulsive_Hour_4559 t1_je1v3uu wrote

Popular belief driving an official response is pretty much the system that drives many aspects of religious doctrine